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Gillian McAllister graduated with an English degree in 2006 and is now a lawyer with a large law firm.

Her blog has been featured in various publications including Company magazine. You can find it at

She lives in Birmingham with her boyfriend and cat.

Genres: Mystery

Gillian McAllister recommends
My Husband the Stranger (2017)
Rebecca Done
"An intelligent, moving and gripping read."
You Don't Know Me (2017)
Imran Mahmood
"A dazzling debut - authentic, funny, sad, sympathetic. I was utterly gripped. Rich in understanding of human nature, acerbic on the rights and wrongs of the justice system."
Fierce Kingdom (2017)
Gin Phillips
"I was absolutely captivated by this book. So, so tense, but wonderfully written. The perfect book."
From the Shadows (2017)
(Dan Grant and Jayne Brett, book 1)
Neil White
"A lively, accurate and absolutely compelling legal thriller; stand-out in both its prose and its plot. The characters are still with me, two days after finishing it. I couldn't put it down."
The Doll House (2017)
Phoebe Morgan
"A brilliantly creepy and insightfully written debut. I tore through it."
The Liar's Girl (2018)
Catherine Ryan Howard
"A stand-out book... Real and sympathetic characters, a flawlessly-paced plot and a genuinely original premise. I finished it at 2:00am, my heart pounding!"
Exhibit Alexandra (2018)
Natasha Bell
"I adored Exhibit Alexandra. I thought it was a smart, original page turner which really brought something different to the thriller genre. It kept me up half the night!"
Let Me Lie (2018)
Clare Mackintosh
"Brilliant. Tense and surprising but heartbreaking and sensitively written . . . I expect no less from Clare but she seems to get better with each novel."
Love Will Tear Us Apart (2018)
Holly Seddon
"One of the most moving and involving books I have ever read... just perfect. I absolutely loved it."
The Suspect (2019)
(Kate Waters, book 3)
Fiona Barton
"A fast-paced whodunnit with heart, characters I feel I know and a deliciously dark twist. Superb writing, often blackly funny, and a scene that made me cry into my pillow."
On My Life (2019)
Angela Clarke
"I loved it. A searing take on the treatment of women in prison as well as a fast-paced and smart thriller."
Then She Vanishes (2019)
Claire Douglas
"Amazing. A twisty whydunnit that I finished in just two days. Smart, gripping and atmospheric, readers will love Then She Vanishes."
The Ex Girlfriend (2019)
Nicola Moriarty
"I thought it was fresh, atmospheric, feminist and had me turning the pages into the small hours. A total treat."
Strangers (2020)
C L Taylor
"Clever, surprising and nuanced – C.L. Taylor is at the top of her game."
The Catch (2020)
T M Logan
"mart, intense, and with a humdinger of a mid-point twist. I loved it."
Hold Your Breath (2020)
B P Walter
"A smart thriller with a difference."
The Switch (2020)
Beth O'Leary
"I am blown away. I didn't think Beth could top The Flatshare but she has. It sparkles with wit, warmth and compassion. It deserves to be huge!"
I Made a Mistake (2020)
Jane Corry
"'Corry often explores darker themes, and those living on the fringes of society and this book is no exception: gritty, real, interesting and clever. Highly recommended."
Very Nearly Normal (2020)
Hannah Sunderland
"Very Nearly Normal is a love story with a difference: dark and at times painfully astute, uplifting and unusual."
The Sight of You (2020)
Holly Miller
"This book stole my heart. It reminds me of how I felt when I first read The Time Traveler's Wife. Special, inventive, heartbreaking and empathetic, it's a book about whether it's better to have loved and lost, or never to have loved at all. Women's fiction at its finest."
Dear Emmie Blue (2020)
Lia Louis
"Louis's is a bold, standout voice in the women's fiction genre."
Last One at the Party (2021)
Bethany Clift
"I adored this book . . . It's about who you are with nobody to witness you, what it means to be human, and how to live (the answer is getting plastered in Harrod's, something we can all relate to)."
The End of Men (2021)
Christina Sweeney-Baird
"A tour de force--a feminist reimagining of society but, really, a gripping story about real women. I could not think about anything else."
Watch Her Fall (2021)
Erin Kelly
"Kelly's characters could walk into a room and take a seat next to you and you'd know who they were, and her plots are the smartest in the industry. I absolutely loved it."
The House Guest (2021)
Charlotte Northedge
"Dark, smart and classy – I was totally gripped by The House Guest."
The Damage (2021)
Caitlin Wahrer
"A brilliantly-observed novel. . . a damning and humane exploration of family, brotherhood and upbringing. To say I loved it is a wild understatement."
The Wedding Party (2021)
Tammy Cohen
"Tense, exciting and intelligent."
Your Word Or Mine (2022)
Lia Middleton
"Lia Middleton is a great writer. I loved Your Word Or Mine: a thoughtful exploration of the effect a historic crime has on a family, with several huge and elegant twists."
The Impossible Us (2022)
Sarah Lotz
"I loved everything about it. The zingy dialogue, the romance, the suspense...It's a love story of the greatest kind."
One of the Girls (2022)
Lucy Clarke
"I loved One Of The Girls: beautiful writing, suffused with menace, complicated female heroines, and an ending I couldn't predict."
Meredith, Alone (2022)
Claire Alexander
"I laughed, I cried, and I bowed down to the brilliant author of this brilliant book."

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