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Jillian Medoff is an American writer of literary fiction. Her first novel, Hunger Point, was published by Regan Books in 1997, and became the basis for an original Lifetime movie, starring Barbara Hershey, which first aired in 2003. Hunger Point has been translated into a number of foreign languages, including French, Spanish, Hebrew, among others. Her second novel, Good Girls Gone Bad, was published by Harper Collins in 2002, and translated into a number of foreign languages as well. She lives in New York.

Genres: Literary Fiction
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The Little Liar (2024)
Pascale Robert-Diard
"Moral ambiguity permeates The Little Liar, Pascale Robert-Diard's swift and incisive novel about a young woman who recants her rape accusation. I tore through this book in one sitting, anxious to learn why a fifteen-year-old would fabricate an assault - and why so few adults questioned her story. A deft exploration of the way adolescent sexuality is experienced and exploited, The Little Liar illustrates what we gain, and lose, when we reckon with our darkest secrets."
The Fortune Seller (2024)
Rachel Kapelke-Dale
"Kapelke-Dale is fluent in the double-edged language of female friendship. I ripped through The Fortune Seller, her captivating, fast-paced novel about upper-crust, ride-or-die housemates at Yale whose petty cruelties take a sinister turn. A refreshing look at girl power and identity, longing and belonging, and fate and free will, The Fortune Seller reveals the dark impulses that fuel our most intense, intoxicating relationships."
A Winter's Rime (2023)
Carol Dunbar
"Haunting, hypnotic, and deeply affecting, A Winter's Rime shimmers with hard-won wisdom. Carol Dunbar's second novel is a story of quiet heroism and empathy that illustrates a universal truth: when asked for help, extend a hand; the life you save may be your own."

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