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Mindy Mejia was born and raised in a small-town-turned-suburb in the Twin Cities area. She received a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MFA from Hamline University. Other than brief interludes in Iowa City and Galway, she's lived and worked in Minnesota her entire life.

Genres: Mystery, Literary Fiction
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2019) : Leave No Trace

Mindy Mejia recommends
The Blackbird Season (2017)
Kate Moretti
"Moretti spins a tale of suspicion, deceit, and dreams that die as suddenly as a flock of starlings falling from the sky. A thrilling morality tale of the highest order, The Blackbird Season will make you question the lines between right and wrong, victim and criminal, and the unknowable intentions that form our innocence and guilt."
The Depth of Lies (2017)
E C Diskin
"A brilliant examination of the shadows lurking in every relationship and what happens when you step into the darkness."
Three Days Missing (2018)
Kimberly Belle
"Kimberly Belle's Three Days Missing is exactly what you want in a thriller-riveting, edge-of-your-seat storytelling. When an eight-year-old is kidnapped from a remote Georgia campground, two seemingly opposite mothers fight to recover the boy. Every minute counts as Belle keeps the story racing to its gripping end, but the most intriguing element of the book is the interplay between disparate characters. Belle resists easy conclusions and nearly every relationship-be it spouse, family, friend, or foe-doubles down on its intricacies during the course of the action, making readers acutely aware of the unfathomable space between ourselves and others. Absolutely unputdownable. I couldn't let go of this book until I'd devoured the last page."
You Were Always Mine (2018)
Nicole Baart
"Mothers everywhere will recognize and celebrate the fierce, imperfect strength of Jessica Chamberlain as she tries to parent her sons—one birthed and one adopted—in the wake of her estranged husband’s death. A startlingly authentic mix of suspense, grief, and family drama, You Were Always Mine reconstructs the pieces of a shattered life to reveal the darkness that destroyed it. You will never look at adoption the same way again."
River Bodies (2018)
(Northampton County, book 1)
Karen Katchur
"Karen Katchur is a master at writing into the dark spaces of our intimate family relationships, and River Bodies is her most stunning work to date."
Last Woman Standing (2019)
Amy Gentry
"Savage, brilliant, and pulse-poundingly gripping, Last Woman Standing will leave you stunned. Amy Gentry’s revenge thriller is an explosive answer to America’s long ignored culture of sexual violence, and she uses all the tools of modern life—technology, apps, entertainment, and social media—to create a world where victims become vigilantes and there’s nowhere to hide. Gentry’s gift for tapping into both the humanity and darkness of every character works its way into the reader’s subconscious, making us attempt to draw an impossible line between justice and vengeance. An absolute must-read for 2019."
Her Secret Son (2019)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"Emotionally tense and brimming with secrets, McKinnon showcases love in all its purity and peril."
The Wolf Wants In (2019)
Laura McHugh
"If you’re looking for a writer who understands Midwestern life from the grand scales of economic and social contracts down to its tiniest customs and stoic beauty, look no further. Laura McHugh is the queen of the haunted heartland. Every scene simmers with hope and dread, making it impossible to rest until I knew these characters’ fates. An absolute must-read."
Behind the Red Door (2020)
Megan Collins
"Behind the Red Door isn't just a gripping, finely-tuned thriller, it's a masterful meditation on fear. Dark forests, crumbling cabins, and mutating nightmares all populate this New England landscape where one woman may hold the key to saving a kidnapping victim. But in order to do so, she'll have to confront a lifetime of terror, including the ultimate fear: not knowing who can be trusted or where the monsters live. I was hooked from the first page."
Girl One (2021)
Sara Flannery Murphy
"Girl One flares into the world with genetic possibilities and a bold remaking of history. A speculative feminist thriller of the highest order, Girl One is fresh, boundless, and thought-provoking. Certain books and characters linger long after the final page. Josephine Morrow and her extraordinary journey is one you won’t soon forget."
Wolf Kill (2021)
(Sam Rivers Mystery, book 1)
Cary J Griffith
"The deep freeze of a Minnesota winter meets the chilling underbelly of a small Iron Range town in Cary Griffith’s fantastic Wolf Kill. I loved meeting Sam Rivers, the wolf expert and USFW field agent assigned to protect the nation’s wildlife, and can’t wait to follow Rivers on his next adventure."
Where I Left Her (2021)
Amber Garza
"Amber Garza establishes herself once again as a master of domestic suspense with WHERE I LEFT HER, in which a teenager's disappearance forces a family's secrets to the light in this pitch-perfect thriller. Vibrant characters and precisely laid clues kept me hooked until the very last page."

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