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Mike McCrary has been a waiter, a securities trader, dishwasher, investment manager and an unpaid Hollywood intern. He's quit corporate America, come back, been fired, been promoted, been fired again. Currently, he writes stories about questionable people who make questionable decisions. Keep up with Mike @mcmccrary or www.mikemccrary.com (copy and paste address.)

Genuinely Dangerous is a sharp and witty immorality tale. It's the story of a man who has a really bad idea, and knows how to pull it off. Read this to your kids and teach them some lessons. (Maybe keep the matches away from them afterward.) Mike McCrary can tell a story with just the right mix of pace, violence, and humor. He just made my Christmas list.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Remo Cobb
   1. Remo Went Rogue (2013)
   2. Remo Went Down (2017)
   3. Remo Went Wild (2017)
   4. Remo Went Off (2017)
Steady Teddy
   1. Steady Trouble (2017)
   2. Steady Madness (2018)
Markus Murphy
   1. The Unstable One (2020)
   2. Then the Dark (2021)
   3. Perfect Monsters (2021)
   Genuinely Dangerous (2016)
   Relentless (2018)
   Hard Hearts (2019)
   Someone Savage (2021)
   For You (2022)
   Table 13 (2023)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Getting Ugly (2013)
   Broken (2019)
   Separate Checks (2019)
   Mad As Hell (2019)
Mike McCrary recommends
Neighborhood Watch (2023)
David Jester
"Jester has pulled off a rare thing here. He's crafted a fantasy tale drenched in biting satire, fun, darkness, but also gives us a nice touch of the feels."

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