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Jill McGown

Scotland (1947 - 2007)

aka Elizabeth Chaplin

Jill McGown was born in Argyll, but lived in Corby since she was ten. She is best known as the author of a series of thirteen British police procedurals starring Chief Inspector Lloyd and Sergeant Judy Hill.

Jill McGown died Friday, April 6th 2007, after a long illness.

Genres: Mystery
Lloyd and Hill
1. A Perfect Match (1983)
2. Redemption (1988)
     aka Murder At the Old Vicarage
3. Death of a Dancer (1989)
     aka Gone to Her Death
4. The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs Beale (1991)
5. The Other Woman (1992)
6. Murder... Now and Then (1993)
7. A Shred of Evidence (1995)
8. Verdict Unsafe (1997)
9. Plots and Errors (1999)
10. Picture of Innocence (1998)
11. Scene of Crime (2001)
12. Births, Deaths and Marriages (2002)
     aka Death in the Family
13. Unlucky for Some (2004)
A Trio of Murders (omnibus) (2014)