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Stephen was born in Durham, North Carolina in 1947 graduating from Durham High   School in 1964.

He attended Virginia Military Institute from 1964 1968 and graduated with a BA in History.  During his time at VMI he took a special interest in writing. He was on the staff of the newspaper, layout editor of the class yearbook, and editor of VMIs literary magazine.  He was the recipient of the Col. William Couper Award for Excellence in Publications, and was accepted to the University of British Columbias Creative Writing program.

Soon after he got his M.A in 1970, he joined with a group of students to start Tamahnous Theatre Workshop and theatre began to take over his life.  Since then Stephen has acted professionally in over 50 plays and more than 150 screen appearances.

During his acting career he never stopped writing, and in 1990 won the 12th Annual International Three-Day Novel contest with Wastefall, the story of a man who is marooned for life in a massive garbage dump.

He divides his time between Vancouver, Durham, and Hawaii.

Genres: Historical
   Wastefall (1990)
   The Woman in the Yard (1999)
   A Game of Soldiers (2005)
     aka Field of Mars
   The Last Train to Kazan (2007)
   The Messenger (2012)
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