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Virginia Macgregor was brought up in Germany, France and England by a mother who never stopped telling stories.  From the moment she was old enough to hold a pen, Virginia set about writing her own, often late into the night or behind her Maths textbook at school.  Virginia (née Woods) was named after two great women, Virginia Wade and Virginia Woolf, in the hope she would be a writer and a tennis star. Her early years were those of a scribbling, rain-loving child who prayed for lightning to strike her tennis coach.

After studying at Oxford, Virginia started writing regularly whilst working as an English Teacher and Housemistress.  Her boarding school experiences are a major influence on her writing. Virginias debut novel What Milo Saw (Little, Brown, 2014) is a deeply moving and heart-warming tale which reflects the humour and tragedy of contemporary Britain.

Virginia lives in Shinfield, Berkshire with her husband, Hugh. She loves her desk and spends long days writing, inspired by her two cats, Viola (the companion) and Sebastian (the oft-injured adventurer).  Along with her husband, they are the first to hear her stories.

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Romance, General Fiction
Virginia Macgregor recommends
Petals and Stones (2018)
Joanne Burn
"Petals and Stones is the kind of book that makes you want to sneak away from real life so that you can return to its characters and their lives... I loved the powerful and unexpected love story at the heart of the novel, which had me hoping and longing and cheering and sometimes crying a little too. A beautifully written debut."

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