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Elizabeth Nunez is a United States novelist, distinguished professor of English, and Provost of Medgar Evers College-CUNY, in Brooklyn, New York. Nunez is also cofounder of the National Black Writers Conference. She emigrated to the United States from Trinidad, and received her Ph.D. from New York University.

Anthologies edited
   Stories from Blue Latitudes (2005) (with Jennifer Sparrow)
Non fiction
Elizabeth Nunez recommends
Book of the Little Axe (2020)
Lauren Francis-Sharma
"From her gripping first sentence, Lauren Francis-Sharma draws her reader into her intoxicating tale of intrigue, love, conflict, and power struggle at a pivotal time in the histories of Trinidad and the western United States. Her research is meticulous, her prose seductive, her characters mesmerizing. Book of the Little Axe shines a bright light on the little-known connections between the Caribbean and the United States. Readers will find it almost impossible to put this book down."
Creatures of Passage (2021)
Morowa Yejidé
"Comparisons will be made to Toni Morrison and they will be well-founded, but Morowa Yejidé is in a class of her own with Creatures of Passage, a mesmerizing tale about love, loss, revenge, death, and restoration that hovers close to the edge of fantasy yet is deeply grounded in history and in a reality easily recognizable in the contemporary world."

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