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Ramez Naam was born in Cairo, Egypt, and came to the US at the age of 3. He's a computer scientist who spent 13 years at Microsoft, leading teams working on email, web browsing, search, and artificial intelligence. He holds almost 20 patents in those areas.

Ramez is the winner of the 2005 H.G. Wells Award for his non-fiction book More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement. He's worked as a life guard, has climbed mountains, backpacked through remote corners of China, and ridden his bicycle down hundreds of miles of the Vietnam coast. He lives in Seattle, where he writes and speaks full time.

Genres: Science Fiction
   1. Nexus (2012)
   2. Crux (2013)
   3. Apex (2015)
Non fiction
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book nominee (2014) : Nexus
John W. Campbell Best Book winner (2014) : Nexus
Prometheus Award Best Book nominee (2014) : Crux
Prometheus Award Best Book winner (2014) : Nexus
Philip K Dick Award Best Book winner (2015) : Apex
Prometheus Award Best Book nominee (2016) : Apex

Ramez Naam recommends
The Burning Light (2016)
Bradley Beaulieu and Rob Ziegler
"Packed with cool ideas, gritty setting, and characters that leap off the page. I wish I'd written it myself."
Wilders (2017)
(Project Earth, book 1)
Brenda Cooper
"A vivid picture of a world rebuilding from the edge of ecological ruin and the seeming conflicts between civilization and the nature it depends on."
Bandwidth (2018)
(Analog , book 1)
Eliot Peper
"An all-too-plausible thriller of power, morality, and global consequences. What would you do to wield influence? How far would you go to wield it for good? Bandwidth’s answers may disturb you."
The Expert System's Brother (2018)
(Expert System's Brother, book 1)
Adrian Tchaikovsky
"I loved it. A bold, vivid story about humanity and the broader universe. Should we mold the universe to suit us? Or should we mold ourselves to suit the universe? Adrian Tchaikovsky keeps these choices in tension, and kept me riveted to the page."
The Chaos Function (2019)
Jack Skillingstead
"A compelling near-future thriller of hard choices and unintended consequences. This is science fiction that feels all too real. Highly recommended."

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