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Eden Phillpotts

UK flag (1862 - 1960)

aka Harrington Hext

Eden Phillpotts was an English novelist, poet, and dramatist. He was born in India, educated in Plymouth, Devon, and worked as an insurance officer for 10 years before studying for the stage and eventually becoming a writer.

   My Adventure in the Flying Scotsman (1888)
   A Deal with the Devil (1895)
   Some Every-Day Folks (1895)
   My Laughing Philosopher (1896)
   Lying Prophets (1897)
   Children of the Mist (1898)
   Fancy Free (1901)
   The Good Red Earth (1901)
   Sons of the Morning (1901)
   The Golden Fetich (1903)
   The Striking Hours (1903)
   The Farm of the Dagger (1905)
   Doubloons (1906) (with Arnold Bennett)
     aka The Sinews of War
   The Whirlwind (1907)
   The Statue (1908) (with Arnold Bennett)
   The Virgin in Judgment (1908)
   Fun of the Fair (1909)
   The Haven (1909)
   The Flint Heart (1910)
   The Iscariot (1912)
   Widecombe Fair (1913)
   Brunel's Tower (1915)
   Chronicles of St. Tid (1917)
   Evander (1919)
   The Bronze Venus (1921)
   The Grey Room (1921)
   Number 87 (1922) (as by Harrington Hext)
   Pan and the Twins (1922)
   The Lavender Dragon (1923)
   The Red Redmaynes (1924)
   The Treasures of Typhon (1924)
   A Voice from the Dark (1925)
   A Cornish Droll (1926)
   Lodgers in London (1926)
   The Marylebone Miser (1926)
   The Miniature (1926)
   Arachne (1927)
   The Blue Comet (1927)
   The Jury (1927)
   Brother Man (1928)
   Goodwill (1928)
   Orphan Dinah (1928)
   The Apes (1929)
   Tryphena (1929)
   Alcyone (1930)
   Found Drowned (1931)
   The Broom Squires (1932)
   Nancy Owlett (1933)
   Portrait of a Gentleman (1934)
   The Anniversary Murder (1936)
   The Owl of Athene (1936)
   The White Camel (1936)
   Lycanthrope (1937)
   The Wife of Elias (1937)
   Address Unknown (1938)
   Saurus (1938)
   Flower of the Gods (1943)
   They Were Seven (1944)
   The Fall of the House of Heron (1947)
   The Waters of Walla (1950)
   From the angle of 88 (1951)
   The Orange Orchard (1951)
   Stubborn earth (1951)
   Through a Glass Darkly (1951)
   George and Georgina (1952)
   His Brother's Keeper (1953)
   One Thing and Another (1954)
   Arabia's Dwarfs and Magic Camels (1992)
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   The Transit of the Red Dragon (1903)
   Old Delabole (1915)
   Black, White and Brindled (1923)
   Thoughts in Prose and Verse (1924)
   Circe's Island (1925)
   Up Hill, Down Dale (1925)
   Peacock House (1926)
   The Torch (1929)
   The Hidden Hand (1952)
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