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(Enoch Arnold Bennett)
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Arnold Bennett was born on 27th May 1867 in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent and moved to London in 1889. From 1903 to 1911 he lived mostly in Paris, producing many novels and plays as well as working as a freelance journalist. He died of typhoid fever in London on 27th March 1931. In his writing Bennett based many of the characters, events and places on those that actually existed or happened in the Potteries during the nineteenth century.

Genres: General Fiction, Mystery
Five Towns
   A Man from the North (1898)
   Anna of the Five Towns (1902)
     aka Cupid And Commonsense
   Tales of the Five Towns (1905)
   The Grim Smile of the Five Towns (1907)
   The Old Wives' Tale (1908)
   Denry the Audacious (1911)
     aka The Card
   Matador of the Five Towns (1912)
   The Regent (1913)
     aka Married Life
   The Gates of Wrath (1903)
   Hugo (1906)
   The City of Pleasure (1907)
   The Ghost (1907)
   The Strange Vanguard (1928)
     aka The Vanguard
Clayhanger Family
   1. Clayhanger (1910)
   2. Hilda Lessways (1911)
   3. These Twain (1916)
   4. The Roll Call (1918)
   The Grand Babylon Hotel (1902)
     aka T. Racksole And Daughter
   Leonora (1903)
   A Great Man (1904)
   Teresa of Watling Street (1904)
   Sacred and Profane Love (1905)
     aka The Book of Carlotta
   Doubloons (1906) (with Eden Phillpotts)
     aka The Sinews of War
   Whom God Hath Joined (1906)
   Buried Alive (1908)
   The Statue (1908) (with Eden Phillpotts)
   The Glimpse (1909)
   What the Public Wants (1909)
   Helen with the High Hand (1910)
   The Honeymoon (1910)
   The Price of Love (1914)
   The Lion's Share (1916)
   The Pretty Lady (1918)
   The Title (1918)
   Judith (1919)
   Body and Soul (1922)
   The Love Match (1922)
   Mr. Prohack (1922)
   Don Juan De Marana (1923)
   Riceyman Steps (1923)
   The Bright Island (1924)
   Lord Raingo (1926)
   Accident (1929)
   Imperial Palace (1930)
   Tabletop (1939)
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   Cupid and Commonsense: Play (1910)
   Milestones (1912) (with Edward Knoblock)
   The Great Adventure (1913)
   London Life (1924) (with Edward Knoblock)
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Non fiction
   Fame and Fiction (1901)
   How to Become an Author (1903)
   The Truth About an Author (1903)
   Mental Efficiency (1907)
     aka The Reasonable Life
   How to Live On Twenty-four Hours a Day (1908)
   The Human Machine (1909)
   Literary Taste (1909)
   The Feast of St Friend (1911)
     aka Friendship And Happiness
   Your United States (1912)
     aka Those United States
   Paris Nights (1913)
   The Author's Craft (1914)
   From the Log of the Velsa (1914)
   Liberty (1914)
   Over There (1915)
   Self and Self-management (1918)
   Frank Swinnerton (1920) (with Grant Overton and H G Wells)
   Our Women (1920)
   Things That Have Interested Me (1921)
   How to Make the Best of Life (1923)
   Mediterranean Scenes (1928)
   The Savour of Life (1928)
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Omnibus editions
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Anthologies containing stories by Arnold Bennett
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Short stories
The Burglary
Death, Fire and Life
The Murder of the Mandarin
The Old Wives' Tale (excerpt)

Arnold Bennett recommends
The Patriot's Progress (1968)
Henry Williamson
"'Its power lies in the descriptions, which have not been surpassed in any other war book within my knowledge... It amounts to a tremendous, and overwhelming, an unanswerable indictment of the institution of war."
These 13 (1931)
William Faulkner
"An american who writes like an angel."

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