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Lin Carter

(Linwood Vrooman Carter)
USA flag (1930 - 1988)

aka H P Lowcraft, Grail Undwin

If J R R Tolkien was the single author most responsible for the existence of Fantasy as a modern publishing genre then the single editor and critic with the same claim was Lin Carter. His tireless advocacy of both modern fantasy writers and their historical forbears as the first editor on the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series was hugely influential.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
   1. The Wizard of Lemuria (1965)
     aka Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria
   2. Thongor of Lemuria (1966)
     aka Thongor and the Dragon City
   3. Thongor against the Gods (1967)
   4. Thongor at the End of Time (1968)
   5. Thongor in the City of Magicians (1968)
   6. Thongor Fights the Pirates of Tarakus (1970)
     aka Thongor and the Pirates of Tarakus
Terra Magica
   1. Kesrick (1982)
   2. Dragonrouge (1984)
   3. Mandricardo (1987)
   4. Callipygia (1988)
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Short stories
The Slitherer from the Slime (1958) (as by H P Lowcraft)
Litany to Hastur (1965)
Uncollected Works (1965)Nebula Awards (nominee)
The Doom of Yakthoob (1971)
Black Hawk of Valkarth (1973)
The Utmost Abomination (1973) (with Clark Ashton Smith)
The City of Pillars (1974)
The City in the Jewel (1975)
The Scroll of Morloc (1975) (with Clark Ashton Smith)
Black Moonlight (1976)
The Stairs in the Crypt (1976) (with Clark Ashton Smith)
A Farmer on the Clyde (1977) (as by Grail Undwin)
The Pillars of Hell (1977)
The Gem in the Tower (1978) (with L Sprague de Camp)
Demon of the Snows (1979)
Rhian and Garanhir (1979) (as by Grail Undwin)
Zurvan's Saint (1979) (as by Grail Undwin)
Dreams in the House of Weir (1981)
The Thing Under Memphis (1984)
Mnomquah (1985)
The Vault Beneath the Mosque (1985)
The Madness Out of Time (1986)
Dreams of the Black Lotus (1987)
The Fishers from Outside (1988)
The Shadow from the Stars (1988)
The Thievery of Yish (1988)
Visions From Yaddith (1988)
Carcosa Story about Hali (1989)
The Book of Dismissals: I. Of Calling Up that Which You Cannot Put Down (1990)
The Book of Dismissals: II. Of the Several Modes to Enforce the Dismissal (1990)
The Book of Dismissals: III. Of Ib, and the Vengeance Thereof (1990)
The Book of Dismissals: IV. Of the Five-Pointed Star Carven of Grey Stone (1990)
The Book of Preparations: I. Of the Powers of the Sorcerer (1990)
The Book of Preparations: II. Of that Which Is Needful to Sorcery (1990)
The Book of Preparations: III. Of the Old Ones and the Favors They Bestow (1990)
The Book of Preparations: IV. Of the Times and Seasons to Be Observed (1990)
The Book of Preparations: V. Of the Powers of the Moon (1990)
The Book of Preparations: VI. Concerning Them from Outside (1990)
The Book of Preparations: VII. The Punishment of the Old Ones (1990)
The Book of Preparations: VIII. Of that Which Is Foretold of Their Return (1990)
The Book of Preparations: IX. The Liers-in-Wait (1990)
The Book of the Gates: I. Of the Worlds Beyond this World, and the Modes of Travel (1990)
The Book of the Gates: II. Of Foul Necromancy (1990)
The Book of the Gates: III. The Peril that Lurketh Beyond Time (1990)
The Book of the Gates: IV. Those that Aid the Unnamable Devourers (1990)
The Book of the Gates: IX. Of the Dream-Gates (1990)
The Book of the Gates: V. Of Tindalos, and the Hounds Thereof (1990)
The Book of the Gates: VI. If Ye Would Raise the Dead (1990)
The Book of the Gates: VII. To Send Back Down that Which Ye Have Called Up (1990)
The Book of the Gates: VIII. Of the Signs of Hnaa (1990)
The Book of the Gates: X. Of Koth, and the Sign of Koth (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XI. The Ritual of the Silver Key (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XII. 'Umr At-Tawil (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XIII. Of Opening the Door to Yog-Sothoth (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XIV. The Ninth Verse that Summoneth Yog-Sothoth (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XV. Of Them from Outside and Their Spawn (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XVI. Somewhat of the Gates that Open to Beyond (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XVII. Of Leng and the Mysteries Thereof (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XVIII. Of the Coming Hence of the Old Ones (1990)
The Book of the Gates: XIX. The Openers of the Way (1990)
King in Yellow: A Tragedy in Verse (1993)
Tatters of the King (1997)

Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1966) : Uncollected Works

Lin Carter recommends
The Wood Beyond the World (1894)
William Morris
"With his epochal novels of the 1880s, William Morris established the tradition of the tale set in a completely imaginary world of the author's own invention."
The Legion of Time (1938)
(Legion of Time, book 1)
Jack Williamson
"The Legion of Time is an unparalleled classic of thrill packed excitement - possibly the greatest single adventure story in science-fiction history, a suspense-masterpiece of weird science and derring-do, like no other I've read. I deeply envy anyone who is reading it for the first time."
Merlin's Ring (1974)
(Merlin's Godson, book 3)
H Warner Munn
"Seldom have I encountered a more ambitious narrative in my exploration of fantasy, and seldom has a gripping human drama of such strength and vigor invested a story of such sweep and scope and vaulting imaginative power."
Ironbrand (1980)
(Iron Angel, book 1)
John Morressy
"Crisp, vivid, exciting. A brilliant heroic fantasy debut."

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