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Jack Probyn

Jack Probyn hasn’t experienced the world. He’s never even owned a pet. But he’d like to; there’s still time. His twenty-two years on the planet have been spent in the United Kingdom, with a few excursions overseas — a particular favourite of his was Amsterdam. Or Norway. Both of which were lovely.

But what Jack lacks in life-experience, he more than makes up for in creative ingenuity. His Jake Tanner series is the birth child of a sinister and twisted mind, and a propensity to assume the worst will happen in even the most mediocre situation.

Finding himself pigeon-holed as a millennial, Jack decided to stick with the stereotype and do things his own way. After all, he felt entitled and he wanted to destroy industries.

Genres: Mystery

Jake Tanner
   1. Standstill (2018)
   2. Floor 68 (2019)
   3. The Confession (2020)
   4. The Cadre (2021)
   5. The Company (2022)
   6. The Cabal (2022)
   The Red Viper (2018)
   A Deadly Vice (2021)