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Ian Rankin

Scotland (b.1960)

aka Jack Harvey

Born in the Kingdom of Fife in 1960, Ian Rankin graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1982, and then spent three years writing novels when he was supposed to be working towards a PhD in Scottish Literature. His first Rebus novel was published in 1987, and the Rebus books are now translated into twenty-two languages and are bestsellers on several continents.

Genres: Mystery
New Books
October 2022

A Heart Full of Headstones
(Inspector Rebus, book 24)
Series contributed to
Non fiction
   Jackie Leven Said (2005) (with Jackie Leven)
   Rebus' Scotland (2005)
Dagger Awards Best Novel winner (1997) : Black and Blue
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (1998) : Black and Blue
Dagger Awards Best Book nominee (1999) : Dead Souls
Edgar Awards Best Novel winner (2004) : Resurrection Men
BCA Crime Thriller of the Year Best Novel winner (2007) : The Naming Of The Dead
BCA Crime Thriller of the Year Best Novel nominee (2008) : Exit Music
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2014) : Standing in Another Man's Grave
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2015) : Saints of the Shadow Bible
McIlvanney Prize Best Novel nominee (2016) : Even Dogs in the Wild
McIlvanney Prize Best Novel nominee (2017) : Rather Be the Devil

Ian Rankin recommends
The Sound of My Voice (1987)
Ron Butlin
"Playful, haunting and moving, this is writing of the highest quality."
Mortal (1998)
Andrea Badenoch
"A first novel of chilling intensity, a mystery which also happens to be a dissection of desire, friendship and obsession."
Night Trap (1998)
(Alan Craik, book 1)
Gordon Kent (Christian Cameron)
"Here's a thriller that really flies. Gordon Kent knows his subject at first hand and the expertise shows on the page: high stakes, pounding tension and the best dogfights put on paper. A lot of thrillers these days, you come away feeling like you've been in a simulator. In NIGHT TRAP, Gordon Kent straps you into the real thing. Enjoy the ride!"
Star Struck (1998)
(Kate Brannigan, book 6)
Val McDermid
"Star Struck is Val McDermid at the top of the ratings."
Lie in the Dark (1999)
(Vlado Petric)
Dan Fesperman
"A quite astonishing first novel which injects the reader into the heart of the darkness which was Sarajevo at the height of the Yugoslav conflict. Reading this book is like being there. If Fesperman had taken me any closer to the action I'd be demanding a flak jacket. At the book's core is a police detective, a man who must deal with the conflict while never wholly understanding it, who must investigate one meaningful murder while those around him seem inured to daily slaughter. This is a humane and moving book, a great crime novel. A great novel, period."
Nights in White Satin (1999)
(Laura Principal, book 4)
Michelle Spring
"The best book yet in this amazing series."
Oh No, Not My Baby (1999)
Russell James
"The Godfather of British noir."
Exile (2000)
(Garnethill, book 2)
Denise Mina
"One of the most exciting writers to have emerged in britain for years."
Cold Is the Grave (2000)
(Inspector Banks, book 11)
Peter Robinson
"A writer at the very height of his powers."
Noise Abatement (2000)
Carol Anne Davis
"You've got to read her."
Lights, Camera, Angel (2001)
(Fitzroy Maclean Angel, book 10)
Mike Ripley
"Mike Ripley's Angel series is back and taking no prisoners."
The Big Ask (2001)
(Murray Whelan, book 4)
Shane Maloney
"Maloney just gets better, and Murray Whelan remains one of the most reliable and rewarding sleuths in the business."
Those Whom the Gods Love (2001)
Clare Layton (Natasha Cooper)
"A gripping psychological thriller writer."
The Nature of the Beast (2001)
Frances Fyfield
"Her knowledge of the workings of the human mind - or, more correctly, the soul - is second to none."
Hot Potato (2003)
(Fizz and Buchanan, book 7)
Joyce Holms
"Joyce's humour is sharp without being nasty, her characters well drawn, and her Edinburgh a place you'll want to spend time in."
Cypress Grove (2003)
(Turner, book 1)
James Sallis
"He's right up there, one of the best of the best."
Whales for the Wizard (2005)
Malcolm Archibald
"A rip-roaring adventure-mystery with terrific detail of place, period and shipping lore."
Faro and the Royals (2005)
(Inspector Faro, book 14)
Alanna Knight
"Alanna Knight could hardly be better, with a crime novelist's insight into motive and aftermath."
The Power of the Dog (2005)
(Power of the Dog, book 1)
Don Winslow
"So good you almost want to keep him to yourself."
A Kind of Vanishing (2007)
Lesley Thomson
"Lesley Thomson is a class above, and A Kind of Vanishing is a novel to treasure."
The Prince of Bagram Prison (2008)
Alex Carr
"Takes the reader for a seriously fast and scary ride. You'll end up checking your reading chair for a seatbelt."
The Stranger from Home (2008)
(Jim Meldrum, book 8)
Frederic Lindsay
"Intelligent, entertaining, gripping and well-written."
Londongrad (2008)
(Artie Cohen, book 8)
Reggie Nadelson
"Nadelson's take on a London of oligarchs fuelled by money from the 'new' Russia."
Speak No Evil (2009)
(Joe Donovan, book 4)
Martyn Waites
"England's dark heart has seldom been exposed with such surgical precision. Brutal, mesmerizing stuff."
Crimewave Nine: Transgressions (2014)
Andy Cox
"A must-have collection of the hottest crime stories around."
The Girl Next Door (2014)
Ruth Rendell
"Probably the greatest living crime writer in the world."
Discovering Scarfolk (2014)
Richard Littler
"Scarfolk: One visit is not enough. - ,"
Fallout (2015)
(Tito Ihaka, book 5)
Paul Thomas
"Violent, funny, profane-Ihaka is a terrific maverick cop."
Snowblind (2015)
(Dark Iceland, book 1)
Ragnar Jónasson
"A modern Icelandic take on an Agatha Christie-style mystery, as twisty as any slalom..."
Where Roses Never Die (2015)
(Varg Veum, book 17)
Gunnar Staalesen
"One of my very favorite Scandinavian authors...a series with very sharp teeth."
Papercuts (2016)
(Papercuts )
Colin Bateman
"He just seems to get better and better."
The Plea (2016)
(Eddie Flynn, book 2)
Steve Cavanagh
"Rip-roaring legal thriller...Twisty, bloody, and convincing."
The Last of Us (2016)
Rob Ewing
"Gripping and utterly believable."
A Rising Man (2016)
(Sam Wyndham, book 1)
Abir Mukherjee
"A Rising Man is a whodunit set in the social and political tinderbox of 1919 Calcutta - a thought-provoking rollercoaster."
The Intrusions (2017)
(Carrigan and Miller, book 3)
Stav Sherez
"A Silence of the Lambs for the internet age."
Time to Win (2017)
(Goodwins, book 1)
Harry Brett
"The Godfather in Great Yarmouth."
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek (2017)
Anthony O'Neill
"Being a huge fan of the original, I was skeptical about this sequel, but it was clever, gripping, and reverent. Recommended."
Deep Blue Trouble (2017)
(Lori Anderson, book 2)
Steph Broadribb
"Like Midnight Run, but much darker..."
Bloody January (2017)
(Harry McCoy, book 1)
Alan Parks
"An old-school cop novel written with wit and economy . . . Think McIlvanney or Get Carter."
Close to Home (2017)
(DI Fawley Thriller, book 1)
Cara Hunter
"[A] mazey, gripping story."
Gallic Noir: Volume 1 (2018)
Pascal Garnier
"Wonderful...Properly noir."
This is How it Ends (2018)
Eva Dolan
"Elegantly crafted, humane and thought-provoking. She's top drawer."
London Rules (2018)
(Slough House, book 5)
Mick Herron
"Sublime dialogue, frictionless plotting."
Loch of the Dead (2018)
(Frey & McGray, book 4)
Oscar De Muriel
"Properly creepy and Gothic."
Kill 'Em All (2018)
(Kill Your Friends, book 2)
John Niven
"A bruising triumph; Amis' MONEY for the Trump generation. What a monster he's created."
Night Runners (2018)
(Detective Mollel, book 3)
Richard Crompton
"A compulsive whodunnit set in Kenya."
For The Good Times (2019)
David Keenan
"I've read a fair amount of 'Troubles' literature down the years. This is up there with the very best."
To Kill the Truth (2019)
(Maggie Costello, book 4)
Sam Bourne
"A Day of the Jackal for these dizzying times."
Breakers (2019)
Doug Johnstone
"This may be Doug Johnstone’s best book yet. An unsparing yet sympathetic depiction of Edinburgh’s ignored underclass, with terrific characterisation. Tense, pacey, filmic."
The Doll Factory (2019)
Elizabeth Macneal
"A stunningly confident first novel with a real sense of period and place . . . thoroughly engrossing."
Fallen Angel (2019)
Chris Brookmyre
"Guaranteed to keep you guessing."
The Never Game (2019)
(Colter Shaw, book 1)
Jeffery Deaver
"The Never Game is the very definition of a page-turner."
A Shadow Intelligence (2019)
(Elliot Kane, book 1)
Oliver Harris
"Oliver Harris is always pure quality and I'm loving the hell out of his foray into the contemporary spy novel."
Here To Stay (2019)
Mark Edwards
"A horribly convincing portrait of the in-laws from hell. I kept wanting to tear my eyes away but had to keep reading."
The Stranger Inside (2019)
Lisa Unger
"A touch of Jekyll and Hyde in this story of murder, vengeance and bonds of friendship. Fine stuff."
Your House Will Pay (2019)
Steph Cha
"Fresh, thoughtful, thrilling."
Die For Me (2020)
(Axel Steen, book 2)
Jesper Stein
"Who doesn't love a maverick cop with a chaotic personal life?."
Liar Liar (2020)
(DS Grace Allendale, book 3)
Mel Sherratt
"I love all Mel Sherratt’s books."
The Ruins (2020)
Mat Osman
"There's a touch of Pynchon in this complex, woozily dream-like novel about music, mystery and imagined worlds..."
The Blood is Still (2020)
(Rebecca Connolly, book 2)
Douglas Skelton
"If you don't know Skelton, now's the time."
Darkness for Light (2020)
(Caleb Zelic, book 3)
Emma Viskic
"A mazey delight of a mystery."
Power Play (2020)
(Dempsey/Devlin, book 3)
Tony Kent
"A gripping conspiracy thriller."
Come Again (2020)
Robert Webb
"Come Again is excellent: moving, funny and packed with great characters. It also has a slam-bang action ending."
Cover Your Tracks (2020)
(DI Helen Birch, book 3)
Claire Askew
"Meticulous and compelling."
The Point of No Return (2020)
(Connor Fraser, book 3)
Neil Broadfoot
"A true rising star of crime fiction."
33 Women (2020)
Isabel Ashdown
"I was gripped throughout."
Dead Man's Grave (2021)
(DS Max Craigie, book 1)
Neil Lancaster
"Grabbed me from the first page."
Judas 62 (2021)
(Box 88, book 2)
Charles Cumming
"Up there with the very best."
The Killing Song (2021)
(Dr Jo McCready Mysteries, book 2)
Lesley McEvoy
"McEvoy knows her stuff."
The Beaten Track (2022)
Louise Mangos
"I really enjoyed this. A touch of Highsmith about it."
Murder Before Evensong (2022)
(Canon Clement Mystery, book 1)
The Reverend Richard Coles
"The Reverend Richard Coles gives us a serpent in England's pastoral Eden - and whodunit fans can give praise and rejoice."
The Next Time I Die (2022)
Jason Starr
"So fresh and clever and compelling. I don't know when I last turned pages so quickly."
Meantime (2022)
Frankie Boyle
"Reads like a twisted Caledonian take on Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye. Inherent vices and scalpel-sharp jokes vie with a very human concern for those least garlanded in the rat race of life."

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