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Laura Parker

(Laura Parker Castoro)

aka D D Ayres

Multi-award winning author Laura Parker Castoro loves to travel. Shes been part of ship christening in Norway, scuba dived on the Great Barrier reef, and climbed glaciers on two continents.  Her spirit for adventure may have been born when she was.  At only six weeks, she made her first trip from Texas where she was born to Arkansas where she grew up.  Shes lived in Washington D.C., Connecticut, New Jersey, with long stretches in between under the big sky of Texas.  An avid traveler, shes logged miles in England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, and Australia.  The Caribbean, Mexico and Canada?  Of course!  Just now, shes trying to finagle a trip to China.

Married with three children, Laura began her writing career while taking time off from a degree in microbiology to take care her of personal biology experiments at home, two wearing diapers, and one in kindergarten.  Two years later, she sold her first book, a historical romance Silks and Sabers.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance, Western, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational