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Laura Pearson

Laura Pearson has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Chichester. She lives in Leicestershire with her husband and their two children. Missing Pieces is her first novel.
Laura Pearson recommends
All in Her Head (2020)
Nikki Smith
"Bloody hell this book is powerful and tense and a bit terrifying. It had my head spinning. Nikki Smith is a major new talent and I can't wait to read her next one."
Dear Emmie Blue (2020)
Lia Louis
"DEAR EMMIE BLUE has everything--it oozes charm and wit and speaks beautifully about friendship and love, and the differences between the two."
Uncoupling (2021)
Lorraine Brown
"A gorgeous, romantic book packed full of joy. I mean, who doesn't need to be whisked away to Paris."
The Girl in the Maze (2021)
Cathy Hayward
"Packed with mystery and intrigue and peopled with such real, flawed characters I felt like they might walk off the page."
The Twyford Code (2022)
Janice Hallett
"I read the last fifty pages of The Twyford Code with my mouth hanging open and my brain very close to exploding. There is clever and then there's this."
The Impossible Us (2022)
Sarah Lotz
"It blew my mind. It deserves to be one of those cultural touchstones that people bond over for years to come."
Nobody But Us (2022)
Laure Van Rensburg
"I raced through Nobody But Us in a couple of days. It's a tense cat and mouse thriller and I enjoyed being toyed with..."

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