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Laura Purcell is a writer, history fan and guinea pig lover living in Colchester. She is writing a series of novels about the women who loved (and hated!) the Hanoverian monarchs.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical, Horror

Laura Purcell recommends
The Coffin Path (2018)
Katherine Clements
"Brooding and full of creeping menace."
The Story Keeper (2018)
Anna Mazzola
"A deliciously Gothic read, Mazzola entwines sinister fairy tales with the dark side of Victorian history. Daphne Du Maurier fans will be hugging this to their chests. A compelling mystery drenched with atmosphere, The Story Keeper will sweep you away in a cloud of black birds."
The Binding (2018)
Bridget Collins
"An original concept, beautifully written. Collins’ prose is spellbinding."
Blackberry and Wild Rose (2019)
Sonia Velton
"A sumptuous and moving debut. Velton weaves her tale with the threads of betrayal, thwarted dreams and good intentions gone awry."
A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (2019)
(Good Girl's Guide to Murder, book 1)
Holly Jackson
"A fiendishly-plotted mystery that kept me guessing until the very end."
A Single Thread (2019)
Tracy Chevalier
"‘I loved it! Enchanting and full of hope. Absolutely needed in this political climate."
Theatre of Marvels (2022)
Lianne Dillsworth
"A dazzling tale of self-discovery with a cast of vivid characters, I loved it."

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