Leo Perutz's picture

Leo Perutz

Austria (1882 - 1957)

Leo Perutz is the author of eleven novels that have won him international acclaim and been translated into a dozen languages. He was born in Prague and lived in Vienna until the Nazi Anschluss,when he fled to Palestine. He died in Austria in 1957.
   From Nine to Nine (1918)
   The Master of the Day of Judgment (1921)
   Turlupin (1924)
   The Marquis of Bolibar (1926)
   Little Apple (1928)
     aka Where Will You Fall?
   Saint Peter's Snow (1933)
     aka The Virgin's Brand
   The Swedish Cavalier (1936)
   By Night Under the Stone Bridge (1952)
   Leonardo's Judas (1959)

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