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Ralph Peters

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aka Owen Parry

Ralph Peters is a novelist, an essayist, a former career soldier, and an adventurer in the 19th-century sense. He is the author of a dozen critically acclaimed novels, two influential works on strategy, "Beyond Terror" and "Fighting for the Future".

Mr. Peters' works can also be found under the pen name "Owen Parry." He also appears frequently as a commentator on television and radio networks.

Genres: Historical, Thriller
   Bravo Romeo (1981)
   Red Army (1989)
   The War in 2020 (1991)
   Flames of Heaven (1993)
   The Perfect Soldier (1995)
   Twilight of Heroes (1997)
   The Devil's Garden (1998)
   Traitor (1999)
   The War After Armageddon (2009)
   The Officers' Club (2011)
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Ralph Peters recommends
December '41 (2022)
William Martin
"Richly imagined, deftly plotted and deeply researched, this atmospheric thriller captures the bygone world of the USA in the troubled days after Pearl Harbor while paying tribute to the great noir novels and films of our past. December '41 will delight fans of this gifted and versatile author while attracting a legion of new devotees. I became so engaged in reading this fast-as-a-bullet tale that I lost track of the time and missed an appointment. Be warned: Clear your schedule before you turn to page one."
Blame the Dead (2020)
(Eddie Harkins, book 1)
Ed Ruggero
"The title of this riveting, finely crafted novel may be Blame the Dead, but I blame author Ed Ruggero--for keeping me up at night, reading 'just one more' chapter then another and another. Whether your interests lie in a well-wrought mystery, a classic cop story, historical settings or first-rate military fiction, this thoroughly enjoyable novel set during World War II checks the block. Great pacing, compelling characters, solid research and a fiendishly clever plot add up to non-stop reading excitement."
Without Fear (2018)
(Hunter Stark, book 2)
Colonel David Hunt and R J Pineiro
"A masterful thriller written by men of deep experience. Epic in scale yet swiftly paced, Without Mercy is as convincing as it is chilling. Authors Hunt and Pineiro know the insider details--the way governments, intelligence services and terrorists really work--and it shows from the first page to the closing scene. First-rate and very highly recommended!"

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