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Owen Parr has written unique political intrigue and suspense novels. Utilizing his experiences of over a quater of a century working for Wall Street firms, he has crafted intriguing books, fusing fiction with facts. Born in Havana, Cuba and later growing up in Miami. He enjoys reading fiction to transport himself to another world. And in his writing, he does that for his readers in a very successful way. His readers are fully wrapped in the plots and with his amazing characters. Published author of articles in trade magazines. Hobby painter of acrylics on canvasses and middle of the road golfer, Owen spends his day still employed in the financial advice industry. Newly married at the age of nineteen he pursued a career in electrical engineering until boredom set in. From there he went to own and operate his own multi-branch real estate firm and licensing school until the years of 21% prime interest rates circa 1980's. Since 1986 he has been employed in the financial advice industry. During this time he has written articles for the local paper, political ramblings for his blog and screenplays that he is now converting intol novels.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

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