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Sabrina grew up in Guildford, England, and was fascinated by all aspects of romance from a young age. Whether it was looking at her mum and dads wedding photos or watching old movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, she was hooked.

She first discovered Harlequin Presents one Saturday afternoon in her early teens at her first job in a charity shop. Sorting through a stack of preloved books, she came across a cover featuring a glamorous heroine and a tall, dark, handsome hero. She started reading under the counter that instant and has never looked back!

A lover of both reading and writing since childhood, Sabrina went on to study English with Classical Studies at Reading University. She adores all literature but finds theres nothing else quite like the indulgent thrill of Presentspreferably while lying in a hot bath with no distractions!

After graduating, Sabrina began to write in her spare time, but it wasnt until she attended a course run by Presents author Sharon Kendrick in a pink castle in Scotland that she realized if she wanted to be published badly enough, she had to make time. She wrote anywhere and everywhere, on planes and trains and on her lap in her lunch hour.

And, thankfully, it all paid off because a decade after reading her very first Mills & Boon, her first submission, Valentis One-Month Mistress, was accepted for publication in 2008. She is absolutely delighted to join as an author herself and have the opportunity to create infuriatingly sexy heroes of her own, which she defies both her heroinesand her readersto resist!  Sabrina continues to live in Guildford with her husband, who first swept her off her feet when they were both sixteen and poring over a copy of Much Ado About Nothing for their English A-Level. She loves traveling to exotic destinations and spending time with her family. When she isnt writing or doing one of the above, she works as a deputy registrar of civil marriages, which she describes as a fantastic source of romantic inspiration and a great deal of fun.

Genres: Romance