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Robyn Donald

New Zealand (1940 - )

Robyn was born on 1940 in Northland, New Zealand, she was the oldest in herfamily, and as a child she thrilled her four sisters and one brother withbloodcurdling adventure tales, usually very like the latest book she'dborrowed from the library.

Robyn owes her writing career to two illnesses. The first was a younger sister's flu. She was living with her husband and her and spent most of thatwinter acquiring, suffering, and recovering from various infections. One dayshe croaked that she had read everything on Robyn's bookshelves, so wouldShe please buy her something cheerful and sustaining. Robyn found threepaperbacks one Mills and Boon Modern Romance novel and a couple of otherromances. Robyn read them, too, of course, and so enjoyed them she spent thenext couple of years hunting down more Mills and Boon books. This was muchmore difficult then than it is today, so she decided to write her own, andfor the following busy 10 years She wrote and hoped that one day She'dfinish a manuscript good enough to send off.

The second illness was her husband's, and it was bad a heart attack. He wasso young it terrified them all. While he was recovering he suggested thatRobyn finish the manuscript She was writing and send it off. It wasn't aperfect manuscript, but the doctor had said to humour him, so She finishedit, edited it as best She could, and sent it off. Three months later, Shewas astounded to read a letter from the editor saying that if She made a fewrevisions they would buy her novel Bride at Whangatapu.

Published since 1977, Robyn sees her readers as intelligent women who insiston accurate backgrounds, so she spends time researching as well as writing.Robyn Donald sometimes thinks that writing is much like gardening. It's asimilar process creating landscapes for the mind and emotions from the seedsof ideas and dreams and images. Both activities can also lead to moments ofextreme delight, moments of total despair, and backache.Now Robyn is living in the Bay Islands. She continues writing, and also findstime for a very supportive husband, two adult children and their partners, agranddaughter and her mother, not to mention the member of the family thatkeeps her fit, a loud, cheerful, and ruthlessly determined "almost" Labradordog.

Genres: Romance
Pagan Surrender
1. Pagan Surrender (1993)
2. Paradise Lost (1993)

Best of Robyn Donald: Summer at Awakopu , Wife in Exchange (1984)
Captive Hearts (1998) (with Lynne Graham and Charlotte Lamb)
Sole Paternity (1999) (with Miranda Lee and Sandra Marton)
His Secret Baby (2004) (with Miranda Lee and Kate Walker)
The Tycoon's Love Child (2005) (with Jacqueline Baird and Anne Mather)
Dark Seductions (2005) (with Sara Craven and Anne Mather)
Mirror Bride / Meant to Marry (2005)
Royal Proposals (2006) (with Marion Lennox and Barbara McMahon)
Secret Babies Bundle (2006) (with Julia James and Kim Lawrence)
One-Click Buy: October Harlequin Presents (2007) (with Helen Bianchin, Maggie Cox, Sara Craven, Julia James and Sandra Marton)
One-Click Buy: December Harlequin Presents (2007) (with Julia James, Sharon Kendrick, Kim Lawrence, Anne Mather and Catherine Spencer)
Mistress by Persuasion (2008) (with Jessica Steele and Lee Wilkinson)
Raw Silk / Dark Apollo / Dark Fire (2008) (with Sara Craven and Anne Mather)
Island Heat / Outback Man Seeks Wife / Prince's Forbidden Virgin / One Night Before Marriage / Their Lost-and-found Family / Single Dad's Marriage Wish (2008) (with Marion Lennox, Carol Marinelli, Sarah Mayberry, Anne Oliver and Margaret Way)
Pacific Heat / Surrender to Seduction (2008) (with Anne Mather)
One-Click Buy: November Harlequin Presents (2008) (with Emma Darcy, Sharon Kendrick, Sandra Marton, Anne Mather and Kate Walker)
One Passionate Night (2008) (with Sandra Field and Miranda Lee)
One-Click Buy: May 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009) (with India Grey, Penny Jordan, Lucy Monroe, Catherine Spencer and Susan Stephens)
Bargaining with the Billionaire (2009) (with Ally Blake and Kay Thorpe)
At the Prince's Pleasure (2009) (with Julia James and Natasha Oakley)
His Pregnant Bride (2009) (with Kim Lawrence and Barbara McMahon)
Royal and Ruthless Bundle (2009) (with Lucy Gordon, Trish Morey and Sabrina Philips)
Mistresses: Blackmailed With Diamonds / Shackled with Rubies (2010) (with Lucy Gordon, Lucy Monroe, Sarah Morgan, Kate Walker and Lee Wilkinson)
Mistresses: Blackmailed with Diamonds (2010) (with Lucy Gordon and Sarah Morgan)
One-Click Buy: February 2010 Harlequin Presents (2010) (with Caitlin Crews, Lynne Graham, Kimberly Lang, Jennie Lucas, Carol Marinelli, Nicola Marsh and Carole Mortimer)
Regal Weddings and Ruthless Tycoons Bundle (2010) (with Daphne Clair, Kathryn Ross and Annie West)
Bought for His Bed (2010) (with Kate Hardy and Melanie Milburne)
Best of Virgins Bundle (2010) (with Margaret Allison, Becky Barker, Shirley Jump, Anne Mather, Melanie Milburne, Carole Mortimer, Nalini Singh, Jane Sullivan and Cathy Williams)
Revenge, Secrets & Seduction (2011) (with Day Leclaire and Jennie Lucas)
Royal Affairs: Revenge, Secrets & Seduction (2011) (with Day Leclaire and Jennie Lucas)
Island of Secrets / The Billionaire's Passion (2013)
Ruthlessly Royal (2014)
Eligible Greeks: Sizzling Affairs (2014) (with Sabrina Philips and Kate Walker)
Innocent Surrender (2014) (with Anne McAllister and Chantelle Shaw)
Captured by the Billionaire (2014) (with Barbara Dunlop and Lucy King)
By Request Collection Part 3 (2015) (with Maya Banks, Jackie Braun, Cara Colter, Barbara Hannay, Christina Hollis, Marion Lennox, Alison Roberts, Meredith Webber and Annie West)
Unbuttoned by the Boss (2015) (with Natalie Anderson and Kira Sinclair)
A Secret Worth Keeping? (2016) (with Susanna Carr and Michelle Conder)
His Most Exquisite Conquest (2016) (with Elizabeth Power and Cathy Williams)
Series contributed to
His Virgin Mistress
The Billionaire's Passion (2004)
     aka Ruthless Billionaire, Inexperienced Mistress
His Virgin Mistress Bundle (omnibus) (2009) (with Melanie Milburne, Sarah Morgan and Lee Wilkinson)
Non fiction

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