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Lynn Raye Harris

USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris burst onto the scene when she won a writing contest held by Harlequin. The prize was an editor for a year -- but only six months later, Lynn sold her first novel. A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award, Lynn lives in Alabama with her handsome husband and two crazy cats.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
   One-Click Buy: August 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009) (with Maggie Cox, Emma Darcy, Sharon Kendrick, Carol Marinelli and Melanie Milburne)
   One-Click Buy: January 2010 Harlequin Presents (2009) (with Natalie Anderson, India Grey, Sharon Kendrick and Sabrina Philips)
   New Voices (2010) (with Molly Evans, Ann Lethbridge and Nikki Logan)
   Chosen by the Sheikh (2010) (with Kim Lawrence)
   Royal Baby (2012) (with Trish Morey and Sabrina Philips)
   Hot Nights With a Spaniard (2012) (with India Grey and Carole Mortimer)
   The Correttis: Secrets (2013) (with Sharon Kendrick)
   The Sheikh Who Married Her (2013) (with Maggie Cox and Meredith Webber)
   Harlequin Presents October 2013 Bundle (2013) (with Maya Blake, Melanie Milburne and Tara Pammi)
   Harlequin Presents December 2013 Bundle (2013) (with Dani Collins, Caitlin Crews and Maisey Yates)
   Gambling with the Crown / One Night to Risk it All (2014) (with Maisey Yates)
   Harlequin Presents May 2014 Bundle (2014) (with Carol Marinelli, Elizabeth Power and Cathy Williams)
   Carrying the Sheikh's Heir / At No Man's Command (2014) (with Melanie Milburne)
   Harlequin Presents July 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2014) (with Michelle Conder, Catherine George and Tara Pammi)
   The Chatsfield Box Set Volume 2 (2014) (with Abby Green, Trish Morey and Annie West)
   Harlequin Presents December 2014 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2014) (with Maggie Cox, Jennifer Hayward and Sharon Kendrick)
   Royal Baby Collection (2015) (with Abby Green, Melanie Milburne, Lucy Monroe, Susan Stephens and Maisey Yates)
   Rising Stars & It Started with... Collections (2015) (with Kate Hewitt, Miranda Lee, Carol Marinelli and Melanie Milburne)
   Rising Stars Collection 2015 (2015) (with Kate Hewitt, Carol Marinelli and Melanie Milburne)
   Up Close and Personal (2015)
   One Summer At The Island (2016) (with Marion Lennox and Christine Rimmer)
   One Summer Collection (2016) (with Jules Bennett, Susan Carlisle, Penny Jordan, Kim Lawrence, Marion Lennox, Michelle Major, Anne Mather, Christine Rimmer and Rebecca Winters)
   One Summer At The Villa (2016) (with Maggie Cox and Rebecca Winters)
   Men In Uniform: Captivated By The Prince (2016) (with Ann Major and Susan Stephens)
   The Men In Uniform Collection (2017) (with Natalie Anderson, Amy Andrews, Lisa Childs, Jo Leigh, Nikki Logan, Barbara McMahon, Ann Major, Carol Marinelli and Susan Stephens)
   The Italian Bachelors Collection (2017) (with Leanne Banks, Michelle Celmer, Catherine George, Lynne Graham, Fiona Harper, Janette Kenny, Carole Mortimer, Elizabeth Power, Michelle Smart and Cathy Williams)
   Italian Bachelors: Unforgotten Lovers (2017) (with Janette Kenny and Elizabeth Power)
   The Scandalous Collection (2018) (with Caitlin Crews, Abby Green, Kate Hewitt, Penny Jordan, Sharon Kendrick, Carol Marinelli, Sarah Morgan and Maisey Yates)
   Sleeping With The Enemy (2019) (with Kate Walker and Annie West)
   Secret Heirs: Price Of Success (2020) (with Lynne Graham and Cathy Williams)
   Hot Heroes: Armed And Dangerous (2020) (with Lisa Childs and Brenda Jackson)
   Love and Danger (2021) (with Donna Grant, TS Layne, Annika Martin, Katie Reus, Elise Sax, Susan Stoker, Lani Lynn Vale, Skye Warren and Willow Winters)