Liz Hyder

Genres: Historical, Young Adult Fantasy
   Bearmouth (2019)
   The Gifts (2022)
Liz Hyder recommends
The Valley of Lost Secrets (2021)
Lesley Parr
"Evocative and heartfelt, The Valley of Lost Secrets already reads like a classic. A celebration of kindness and friendship at a time of upheaval, it's gripping, heart-breaking and yet full of hope. I loved it with all my heart."
The Long, Long Afternoon (2021)
Inga Vesper
"Delicious. Like a tasty, tense page-turning combo of James Ellroy and Kate Atkinson with a bit of Mad Men thrown in."
The Summer We Turned Green (2021)
William Sutcliffe
"Glorious fun, hugely moving, inspiring and massively entertaining."
The Empty Greatcoat (2022)
Rebecca F John
"Phenomenal. An utterly extraordinary, visceral and powerful book. Effortlessly weaves ideas around storytelling and the power of imagination into a heart-felt, heart-breaking tale of loss, love, friendship and the devastating effects of war. One of the most exquisite, raw and outstanding books I have ever read."
Seed (2022)
Caryl Lewis
"Pure joy. A heartswellingly gorgeous read about the power of hope, dreams, love and friendship. With shades of James and the Giant Peach, but entirely its own original tale, Seed is an absolute gem."

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