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D. Rus is a young Russian author whose books took the Russian literary market by storm in 2013. AlterWorld - the first novel of his Play to Live series - made him a bestselling author overnight as critics now credit him with single-handedly creating a new science fiction genre: LitRPG. Set in the virtual reality of MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games - his books tell stories of real people who'd become stuck in the game and are forced to follow its rules while preserving their intergrity and fighting to make their new world a better place.
The five books of the series have created a huge following as more authors followed suit, making LitRPG the latest bestselling Russian genre that merges science fiction, fantasy and gaming conventions. D. Rus has been nominated for Start, one of Russia's prestigious literary prizes for the best debut science fiction novel. The first two novels of the Play to Live series - AlterWorld and The Clan - have been translated into English, and talks are under way to have the rest of the series published on Amazon.


Genres: GameLit
Play to Live
   1. AlterWorld (2014)
   2. The Clan (2014)
   3. The Duty (2014)
   4. Inferno (2015)
   5. The Battle (2015)
   Stories (2015)
   6. The War (2015)
   7. The Ultimation (2016)
   8. AlterWorld: A newborn GOD (2022)
   1. The Cadet (2016)

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