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Debbie Rix has written five novels, the latest of which - 'The Secret Letter' - was published on July 22nd 2019. The novel, set in World War II, tells the story of two girls - one German the other English whose lives eventually intertwine through the noble actions of one RAF pilot. Set in the UK and Germany, the novel is a slight departure as all Debbie's previous novels have been set in Italy.

Genres: Sagas, Historical
   The Girl with Emerald Eyes (2015)
     aka Secrets of the Tower
   Daughters of the Silk Road (2016)
   The Silk Weaver's Wife (2017)
   The Photograph (2018)
   The Secret Letter (2019)
   The Italian Girls (2020)
   The German Wife (2022)
   The German Mother (2023)

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