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Erin Raegan is an obsessed reader, a dedicated writer, and a lover of all things fantastically impossible. When shes not plotting her next project, she spends hours on her kindle, though nothing beats a real book in your hands. She can be found at home in Connecticut with her chihuahua Minnie, and her German Shepard Odin, waiting with her 6 year old son for her active duty husband to come home.

Genres: Paranormal Romance

   Stars, Snow and Mistletoe (2019) (with Tempest Luna, Lula Monk, Sonia Nova, S J Sanders, Julie Vance, Charity Wells and Diana Wilson)
   Dark Heart (2023) (with Lilith Adams, Harpie Alexa, Elizabeth Austin, A L Davroe, Jasmine Grant, Luna Jade, Katia Kozar, YD La Mar, Juliet Moon, Chloe Parker, R K Pierce, C L Riley, Cerise Rose, Shana Vernon and Jo Wilde)
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