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William MacLeod Raine's picture

William MacLeod Raine

USA flag (1871 - 1954)

William MacLeod Raine was born in London in 1871, but moved to the country of his novels, America, when he was just ten years old. The gambling, prospecting, hunting and drinking men of the Old West appear in his popular western adventure novels, like A Texas Ranger (1910) and Yukon Trail (1917). Raine also explored the pioneering spirit of the west in non-fiction like Famous Sheriffs and Western Outlaws (1920). Several of his novels inspired films as well.
The War for the Range (1903)
Carrying Law Into the Mesquite (1905)
Wyoming (1907)
Ridgeway of Montana (1909)
Bucky O'Connor (1910)
A Texas Ranger (1910)
Mavericks (1912)
Crooked Trials and Straight (1913)
The Vision Splendid (1913)
A Daughter of the Dons (1914)
The Pirate of Panama (1914)
The Highgrader (1915)
The Sheriff's Son (1917)
The Yukon Trail (1917)
A Man Four-Square (1919)
     aka Arizona Guns
The Big-Town Round-Up (1920)
Cattle Brands (1920)
Oh, You Tex! (1920)
Gunsight Pass (1921)
Man-Size (1922)
Tangled Trails (1922)
Iron Heart (1923)
The Desert's Price (1924)
Troubled Waters (1925)
Bonanza (1926)
Colorado (1928)
Texas Man (1928)
The Fighting Tender-Foot (1929)
Cattle, Cowboys and Rangers (1930) (with Will C Barnes)
Rutledge Trails the Ace of Spades (1930)
Beyond the Rio Grande (1931)
The Valiant (1931)
Under Northern Stars (1932)
     aka Bullet Ambush
For Honor and Life (1933)
The Black Tolts (1934)
Roaring River (1934)
The Fighting Edge (1935)
Square Shooter (1936)
To Ride the River with (1936)
Bucky Follows a Cold Trail (1937)
Cool Customer (1937)
Moran Beats Back (1939)
     aka Gunsmoke Trail
Riders of Buck River (1940)
Riders of the Rim Rocks (1940)
45-Caliber Law (1941)
Drygulch Trail (1941)
The River Bend Feud (1941)
They Called Him Blue Blazes (1941)
The Damyank (1942)
     aka The Texas Kid
Justice Deferred (1942)
     aka Texas Breed
Border Breed (1943)
The Trail of Danger (1943)
The Broad Arrow (1945)
Eugene Manlove Rhodes (1945)
Clattering Hoofs (1946)
Outlaw Trail (1947)
Trail's End (1947)
Steve Yeager (1948)
Top Rider (1948)
The Bandit Trail (1949)
Saddlebum (1949)
     aka Saddletramp
On the Dodge (1950)
Powdersmoke Feud (1950)
Ranger's Luck (1950)
     aka Whipsaw
Hell and High Water (1951)
His Spurs a'Jingling (1951)
Jingling Spurs (1951)
West of the Law (1951)
     aka Glory Hole
Banded Stars (1952)
He Threw a Long Shadow (1952)
Justice Comes to Tomahawk (1952)
Range Beyond the Law (1952)
Rawhide Justice (1952)
The Six-Gun Kid (1952)
Dry Bones in the Valley (1953)
Rustlers' Gap (1953)
Arkansas Guns (1954)
Boldly They Rode (1954)
A Gun for Tom Fallon (1954)
Guns of the Frontier (1954)
Reluctant Gunman (1954)
High Grass Valley (1955)
Six-Gun Feud (1956)
The Tough Tenderfoot (1958)
Run of the Brush (1964)
Who Wants to Live for Ever? (1973)



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