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Phyllis Richman

(Phyllis Chasanow Richman)
USA flag (b.1939)

Recently retired after reigning as Washington, D.C.'s premier restaurant reviewer, Phyllis C. Richman served as food critic of The Washington Post for more than 23 years. Always donning a disguise to ensure her anonymity, Richman was known for her unbiased, forthright, and accurate assessments of restaurants. In 1998, her first mystery novel, The "Butter Did It" was published by HarperCollins to rave reviews and an Agatha award nomination. "The Butter Did It" features amateur sleuth Chas Wheatley, who just happens to be the restaurant critic for the fictitious Washington Examiner. The series is known for its witty humor, deft plotting and insider's look at the world of gourmet dining.

Genres: Mystery
Non fiction
   Barter (1978) (with Constance Stapleton)
   Best Restaurants and Others (1989) (with Killeen Roy)
   The Washington Post Dining Guide (1996)