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Romina Russell

A pseudonym used by Romina Garber

New York Times bestselling author Romina Russell's epic sci-fi fantasy series ZODIAC reaches its breathtaking conclusion with Thirteen Rising, the highly anticipated fourth and final novel.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
   1. Zodiac (2014)
   2. Wandering Star (2015)
   3. Black Moon (2016)
   4. Thirteen Rising (2017)
Romina Russell recommends
The Final Six (2018)
(Final Six, book 1)
Alexandra Monir
"Compelling, cinematic, and fascinating. I can’t wait to read what happens next in the mission to Europa!"
Ignite the Stars (2018)
(Ignite the Stars, book 1)
Maura Milan
"Despite its otherworldly setting, Maura Milan's captivating debut has a compelling real-world quality that shine through her well-crafted characters and their fight for social justice. I can't wait to read what happens next."
Stolen Time (2019)
(Dark Stars, book 1)
Danielle Rollins
"The hauntingly evocative prose seduced me, the compellingly nuanced characters captivated me, and the twisting storyline ensnared my thoughts in an infinite spiral that refused to release me until the final word."

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