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Emma Stonex is a novelist and The Lamplighters is her debut under her own name; she is the author of several books written under a pseudonym. Before becoming a writer, she worked as an editor at a major publishing house. She lives in Bristol with her husband and two young daughters.

Genres: Mystery
Emma Stonex recommends
The Lip (2021)
Charlie Carroll
"A moving and affecting novel about life on the edge, with a very special flavour of wild and rugged Cornwall."
The Mad Women's Ball (2021)
Victoria Mas
"The Mad Women's Ball is a darkly sumptuous tale of wicked spectacle, wild injustice, and the insuppressible strength of women . . . as moving as it is macabre."
Black Drop (2021)
Leonora Nattrass
"A thrilling slice of pitch-dark historical fiction, led by a superbly engaging narrator. Entertaining and deftly written, this gripping tale of murder and treachery on the smouldering streets of eighteenth-century London deserves to be huge."
Devotion (2022)
Hannah Kent
"A superb novel. A fantastic merging of exquisite lyrical writing and page-turning adventure. Devotion had me constantly surprised, always entertained, and ultimately deeply moved: it deserves to be a glittering success."
The Key in the Lock (2022)
Beth Underdown
"Underdown's latest is a gothic mystery of the highest order. Chilling, sad, beautiful, and so elegantly conjured, it's a story that summons du Maurier but retains ghosts all its own. I raced through it, my heart in my mouth. Superb."
The Maid (2022)
Nita Prose
"I enjoyed every minute of this twisty yet tender thriller. The Maid is gripping, deftly written, and led by a truly unforgettable protagonist in Molly. I'm recommending it to everyone I know."
Wahala (2022)
Nikki May
"Brilliant... a funny, tragic, piercing portrait of modern women and friendship, written in glittering and discerning prose."
The Dictator's Wife (2022)
Freya Berry
"A gripping, intelligent, utterly-of-the-moment thriller."
Sundial (2022)
Catriona Ward
"Catriona Ward has done it again with Sundial. Elegantly horrifying, this tale of a family's darker-than-dark past drives the knife in deep and isn't afraid to twist. It's a desert-dust nightmare with a scorpion's sting, and I LOVED it."
Tell Me an Ending (2022)
Jo Harkin
"An extraordinary novel - intelligent and searching, with deep questions about humanity, history and self. Expansive in its scope and themes, but never losing touch with its characters' hearts and minds, Tell Me an Ending is gripping, inventive, and a memory I'll never forget."
Black Butterflies (2022)
Priscilla Morris
"Moving, compelling, deeply human."
One of the Girls (2022)
Lucy Clarke
"I'm breathless. Talk about twists and turns . . . This is going to blow everyone's socks off!"

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