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Kevin Sinclair, was an authour, but decided to become a writer instead, because he can never seem to spell author right at the first time of asking, despite knowing full well how to spell author. An evil curse has clearly been enacted up on him which causes this debilitating facet of his life. After moving on from those turbulent times, he has gone on to create an epic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, LitRPG series: Condition Evolution. Created from his love of the larger questions in life, such as what type of bush is that? And how do you stop slippers smelling? Because bicarbonate of soda doesn't work! He also has a number of other calamitous works in the pipe line, so stay tuned!

Genres: GameLit
Condition Evolution
   1. Condition Evolution (2020)
   2. Condition Evolution 2 (2020)
   3. Condition Evolution 3 (2020)
   4. Condition Evolution 4 (2021)
   5. Condition Evolution 5 (2021)
   6. Condition Evolution 6 (2021)
   7. Condition Evolution 7 (2022)
Cesmial Accords
   1. Disperse (2021)
   2. Modulate (2022)
   3. Catalyze (2023)
Creation's Bane
   1. God of the Feast (2022)
   2. Immortal Shell (2022)
   3. Ethereal Soul (2022)
   4. Abyssal Planes (2023)
   5. Divine Core (2023)

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