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William Styron (1925–2006), born in Newport News, Virginia, was one of the greatest American writers of his generation. Styron published his first book, Lie Down in Darkness, at age twenty-six and went on to write such influential works as the controversial and Pulitzer Prize–winning The Confessions of Nat Turner and the international bestseller Sophie’s Choice.

Awards: NBA (1980), Pulitzer (1968)  see all
   The Confessions of Nat Turner (1951)
   Lie Down in Darkness (1951)
   The Long March (1953)
   Set This House on Fire (1960)
   A Death in Canaan (1976)
   Shadrach (1979)
   Sophie's Choice (1979)
   Mr Jefferson and Our Times (1984)
   Inheritance of Night (1993)
   The Way of the Warrior (1996)
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First Words (1993)
Earliest Writing from Favorite Contemporary Authors
edited by
Paul Mandelbaum
The Best American Short Stories 1979 (1979)
(Best American Short Stories)
edited by
Joyce Carol Oates and Shannon Ravenel

1980 National Book Award for Fiction : Sophie's Choice
1968 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction : The Confessions of Nat Turner

Award nominations
1979 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction (nominee) : Sophie's Choice

William Styron recommends
On the River Styx (1989)
Peter Matthiessen
"An original and powerful artist... who has produced as impressive body of work as that of any writer of our time. He has immeasurably enlarged our consciousness."
Let Us Build Us a City (1986)
Donald Harington
"A tender, droll, captivating book that tells much about our country, past and present."

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