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Upton Sinclair

(Upton Beall Sinclair)
USA flag (1878 - 1968)

aka Lieut. Frederick Garrison

Upton Sinclair was a prolific American novelist, essayist, playwright, short story writer, and juvenile book writer, whose works reflected the social problems of 19th Century industry. His two great boyhood heroes were Jesus Christ and Percy Bysshe Shelley. His novel "Dragon's Teeth" (1942) on the rise of Nazism won him the Pulitzer Prize. By the time Upton Sinclair died in November, 1968, he had published more than ninety books.

Genres: General Fiction
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Lanny Budd
   1. World's End (1940)
   2. Between Two Worlds (1945)
   3. Dragon's Teeth (1942)
   Index to the Lanny Budd story (1943)
   4. Wide Is the Gate (1943)
   5. Presidential Agent (1944)
   6. Dragon Harvest (1945)
   7. A World to Win (1947)
   8. Presidential Mission (1947)
   9. One Clear Call (1948)
   10. O Shepherd, Speak (1949)
   11. The Return of Lanny Budd (1953)
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   King Midas (1901)
     aka Springtime and Harvest
   A Cadet's Honor (1903) (as by Lieut. Frederick Garrison)
   Off for West Point (1903)
   Prince Hagen (1903)
   The West Point Rivals (1903)
   A West Point Treasure (1903)
   Manassas (1904)
     aka Theirs Be the Guilt
   A Captain of Industry (1906)
   The Condemned Meat Industry (1906)
   Markets and Misery (1907)
   The Metropolis (1908)
   The Moneychangers (1908)
   Love's Pilgrimage (1911)
   Damaged Goods (1913)
   Sylvia (1913)
   Sylvia's Marriage (1914)
   Democracy's Place (1917)
   King Coal (1917)
   The Journal of Arthur Stirling (1919)
   The Jungle (1919)
   The Overman (1919)
   Samuel the Seeker (1919)
   100% (1920)
   The Spy (1920)
   The Book of Life (1922)
   They Call Me Carpenter (1922)
   The Millennium (1924)
   Mr. Mencken Calls On Me (1927)
   My Friend George Sterling (1927)
   Oil! (1927)
   Mountain City (1930)
   Roman Holiday (1931)
   Jimmie Higgins (1933)
   The Lie Factory Starts (1934)
   The Red Flag (1934)
   Shall Do If I Lose (1934)
   Depression Island (1935)
   Co-op (1936)
   The Gnomobile (1936)
   William Fox (1936)
   Our lady: A novel (1937)
   Little Steel (1946)
   Mellem to Verdener (1947)
   Limbo On the Loose (1948)
   Another Pamela (1950)
   Expect No Peace! (1951)
   Enemy in the Mouth (1954)
   What Didymus did (1954)
   The Cup of Fury (1956)
   Affectionately Eve (1961)
   Boston (1965)
   Flivver King (1971)
   The Coal War (1976)
   The Pot Boiler (2003)
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   Three Plays (1965)
   Plays of Protest (1970)
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Anthologies edited
   Cry for Justice (1966)
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