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J. R. Tomlin is the author of seven historical novels. She has also co-authored several fantasies with C. R. Daems.

She has close ties with Scotland since her father was a native Scot, and she spent substantial time in Edinburgh whilst growing up. Her historical novels are set for the most part in Scotland. Her love of that nation is traced from the stories of the Bruce and the Good Sir James her grandmother read to her when she was small, to hillwalking through the Cairngorms where the granite hills have a gorgeous red glow under the setting sun. Later, her writing was influenced by the work of authors such as Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, and of course, J.R.R. Tolkien.

When JR isnt writing, she enjoys spending time hiking, playing with her Westie, and killing monsters in computer games. In addition to spending time in Scotland, she has traveled in the US, Europe and the Pacific Rim. She now lives in Oregon.

Genres: Historical, Historical Mystery
New and upcoming books
Black Douglas Trilogy
   Freedom's Sword (2011)
   1. A Kingdom's Cost (2011)
   2. Countenance of War (2012)
   3. Not For Glory (2013)
Shadow Sister (with C R Daems)
   1. The Shadow Ryana (2013)
   2. The Shadow Gypsy (2013)
Stewart Chronicle
   1. A King Ensnared (2013)
   2. A King Uncaged (2014)
   3. A King Imperiled (2017)
   4. A King Empowered (2019)
Sir Law Kintour Mystery
   1. The Wayward Alliance (2015)
     aka The Templar's Cross
   2. The Winter Kill (2016)
   3. The Intelligencer (2016)
   4. The King's Coroner (2018)
   5. Murder at Saint Giles (2021)
Son of Scotland
   1. Noble Traitor (2019)
   2. Ravaged Lands (2020)
   3. Fate of Kings (2021)
   4. The Noblest Knight (2021)
Archibald the Grim
   1. The Douglas Bastard (2022)
   2. Trust and Treason (2022)
   3. A Time for War (2023)
   4. The Lion of Galloway (2023)
   5. The Warlord Earl (2024)
   Warrior's Duty (2009)
   Talon of the Raptor Clan (2009) (with C R Daems)
   Scales Of Justice (2010) (with C R Daems)
   Laying the Odds (2011) (with C R Daems)
   Talon of the Unnamed Goddess (2011) (with C R Daems)
   Blood Duty (2011) (with C R Daems)
   Wings of Evil (2011) (with C R Daems)
   Women of Power (2012) (with C R Daems)

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