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Terri Thayer is the author of two mystery series. The Stamping Sisters series debuted in September with Stamped Out. Inked Up, the second in the series, will be out in the fall.The Quilting Mystery series includes Wild Goose Chase and Old Maid's Puzzle. The third, Ocean Waves, will be out next April. She lives in Northern California, quilting, stamping and writing.

Genres: Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Quilting Mysteries
   1. Wild Goose Chase (2008)
   2. Old Maid's Puzzle (2008)
   3. Ocean Waves (2009)
   4. Monkey Wrench (2012)
Stamping Sisters Mystery
   1. Stamped Out (2008)
   2. Inked Up (2009)
   3. False Impressions (2010)

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