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Helen Van Slyke, 59, businesswoman turned bestselling novelist; after a brief illness; in New York City. Van Slyke headed the fashion section of the Washington Star at age 19, eventually becoming a vice president at Helena Rubinstein. Adept at identifying women's tastes, she decided in 1970 to apply her talent to writing. Van Slyke produced eight hugely successful modern romances, including the current blockbuster A Necessary Woman, devised, she said, for "blue-haired ladies in the cocktail hour of life."

Genres: Mystery
   Necessary Woman (1970)
   Always is Not Forever (1971)
   The Rich and the Righteous (1971)
   All Visitors Must be Announced (1972)
     aka The Best People
   The Heart Listens (1973)
   The Mixed Blessing (1975)
   The Best Place to Be (1976)
   Sisters and Strangers (1978)
   No Love Lost (1980)
   Santa Ana Wind (1981)
   Public Smiles, Private Tears (1982) (with James Elward)
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