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James M Ward

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James M. Ward was born an May 23, 1951. He started out reading Hardy Boys and Tom Swift books and has since become a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy. When asked about becoming a writer, he always replies, "If you aren't witty, brilliant, and insightful, you have to be persistent, dogged, and not shy. I will leave it to the world to figure out which one I am."

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Inspirational
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We Three Dragons (2005) (with Ed Greenwood and Jeff Grubb)
Pirates Of The Blue Kingdoms (2008) (with Paul Genesse, Jean Rabe, Lorelei Shannon, Stephen D Sullivan and Robert E Vardeman)
Apocalyptic Space Anthology (2019) (with Eddie Jonas, Stephen A Lee, Craig Martelle, Scott Neil, Moses Wildermuth and Chris Williams)
Game Books
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Cruiseliner Hades 7 (2018) (with David Arellano, Paul Bachleda, Eddie Jonas, Stephen A Lee, Craig Martelle, Guy Martelle, Nathaniel Y Sims and Jamie L Soule)