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Larry A. Winters's stories feature a rogue's gallery of brilliant lawyers, avenging porn stars, determined cops, undercover FBI agents, and vicious bad guys of all sorts. When not writing, he can be found living a life of excitement.
Not really, but he does know a good time when he sees one: reading a book by the fireplace on a cold evening, catching a rare movie night with his wife (when a friend or family member can be coerced into babysitting duty), smart TV dramas (and dumb TV comedies), vacations (those that involve reading on the beach, a lot of eating, and not a lot else), cardio on an elliptical trainer (generally beginning upon his return from said vacations, and quickly tapering off), video games (even though he stinks at them), and stockpiling gadgets (with a particular weakness for tablets and ereaders). He also has a healthy obsession with Star Wars.


Jessie Black
   0.5. Grave Testimony (2017)
   1. Burnout (2013)
   2. Informant (2014)
   3. Deadly Evidence (2016)
   4. Fatal Defense (2017)
   5. False Justice (2018)
   6. Silenced Witness (2019)
   7. Lethal Innocence (2020)
   8. Conviction (2020)
   9. Murder Charge (2022)
   10. Return of the Prosecutor (2023)
   Witness Hunt (2021)

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