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Laird Barron

USA flag (b.1970)

Laird Barron was born in Alaska, where he raised and trained huskies for many years.

He moved to the Pacific Northwest in the mid 90s and began to concentrate on writing poetry and fiction.

His award-nominated work has appeared in Sci Fiction, the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and has been reprinted in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, Year's Best Fantasy 6 and Best New Fantasy: 2005.

Mr. Barron currently resides in upstate New York and is hard at work on many projects.

Genres: Horror, Mystery
   The Imago Sequence (2007)
   Occultation (2010)
     aka The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All
   Shades of Blue and Gray (2013) (with Albert E Cowdrey and Nick Mamatas)
   Swift to Chase (2016)
   Ashes and Entropy (2018) (with Matthew M Bartlett, Nadia Bulkin, Kristi DeMeester, John Langan, Jon Padgett, Lucy A Snyder and Damien Angelica Walters)
Laird Barron recommends
Southern Gods (2011)
John Hornor Jacobs
"A bit of HP Lovecraft, a touch of William Hjortsberg, Southern Gods is an effective combination of cosmic horror and southern Gothic traditions. John Hornor Jacobs will turn heads with this debut."
Down (2012)
Nate Southard
"A sleek and nasty tale, Southard continues to carve a name for himself with Down."
The Testament of Tall Eagle (2015)
(Tall Eagle, book 1)
John R Fultz
"The Testament of Tall Eagle is myth-making of epic scope. Fultz has rapidly matured into a major fantasist."
Altar (2016)
Philip Fracassi
"Altar is redolent of hard-edged supernatural horror from the golden days of McCammon and King. Nobody is safe in a Fracassi story."
The Fisherman (2016)
John Langan
"The Fisherman is an epic, yet intimate, horror novel. Langan channels M. R. James, Robert E. Howard, and Norman Maclean. What you get is A river Runs Through It...Straight to hell."
Crow Shine (2016)
Alan Baxter
"Alan Baxter is an accomplished storyteller who ably evokes magic and menace...Crow Shine has a mean bite,"
At the Mercy of Beasts (2018)
Ed Kurtz
"At the Mercy of Beasts showcases Kurtz's many talents. He doesn't slight the humanity of man or beast. Bloody, soulful, and yet delightfully absurdist, these stories represent epic storytelling."
Shadows in Summerland (2020)
Adrian Van Young
"Adrian Van Young works a rich plot of historical North American literature in [Shadows in Summerland]. . . . A fabulous and weird addition to the contemporary fantastic."
Brand New Dark (2021)
Beau Johnson
"Johnson doesn't play nice. When it comes to ultra-violence, he's doing for crime what Barker did for horror. Brand New Dark will slap you in the mouth."
Every Hidden Thing (2021)
Ted Flanagan
"Every Hidden Thing centers the notion of power and madness as communicable diseases with media as a carrier. Flanagan's prose unspools like a particularly brutal lucid dream."
The Sharp End of the Rainbow (2022)
Madeleine Swann
"The Sharp End of the Rainbow goes hard out of the gate and dives deep into nightmare territory. Swann's writing is flensing and wrathful--which is to say it perfectly suits the times."
Lucky Girl (2022)
Mary Rickert
"M. Rickert at her ice-cold best."

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