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Randall Wood

USA flag (b.1971)

Randall Wood is the author of the popular Jack Randall series, as well as a set of short stories set in the Jack Randalls world. Before becoming a novelist, Mr. Wood spent his years in several occupations. Hes been a soldier, a bartender, a student, a teacher and eventually spent the bulk of his professional career as a flight medic. Finding time between missions and 911 calls, he would pen stories about his co-workers, often featuring the odd locations and strange situations they were called to. Never quite finding his niche, he eventually listened to the little voice in his head and now devotes his efforts to writing full time.He currently resides in Southwest Florida with his wife Jessica, their three children, three cats, and a Great Dane who thinks she is human.

Genres: Thriller
Jack Randall
   1. Closure (2008)
   2. Pestilence (2012)
   3. Scarcity (2013)
   3.6. Insight (2014)
   4. Security (2014)
   5. Rebellion (2017)
   Time (2013)
Twelve Shepherds
   2. Resistance (2017)
   3. Rubicon (2017)
   4. Revolution (2017)
   5. Renaissance (2017)
   6. Rebirth (2018)