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Colin Wilson

UK (1931 - 2013)

Colin Henry Wilson was born and raised in Leicester, England, U.K. He left school at 16, worked in factories and various occupations, and read in his spare time. When Wilson was 24, Gollancz published The Outsider (1956) which examines the role of the social 'outsider' in seminal works of various key literary and cultural figures. These include Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, William James, T. E. Lawrence, Vaslav Nijinsky and Vincent Van Gogh and Wilson discusses his perception of Social alienation in their work. The book was a best seller and helped popularize existentialism in Britain. Critical praise though, was short-lived and Wilson was soon widely criticized.
Gerard Sorme
1. Ritual in the Dark (1960)
2. Man Without a Shadow (1963)
     aka The Sex Diary of Gerard Sorme
3. The God of the Labyrinth (1970)
     aka The Hedonists

Spider World : The Tower
1. The Desert (1988)
2. The Tower Book 2 (1987)
3. The Fortress (1989)
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
The Outsider (1956)
Religion and the Rebel (1957)
The Age of Defeat (1959)
     aka The Stature of Man
Encyclopedia of Murder (1961) (with Patricia Pitman)
The Strength to Dream (1961)
Origins of the Sexual Impulse (1963)
Brandy of the Damned (1964)
Rasputin and the Fall of the Romanovs (1964)
Beyond the Outsider (1965)
Eagle and Earwig (1965)
Chords and Discords (1966)
Introduction to the New Existentialism (1966)
Sex and the Intelligent Teenager (1966)
Bernard Shaw (1969)
A Casebook of Murder (1969)
Poetry and Mysticism (1969)
Voyage to a Beginning (1969)
L'amour: The Ways of Love (1970)
The Strange Genius of David Lindsay (1970) (with J B Pick and E H Visiak)
The Occult (1971)
New Pathways in Psychology (1972)
Order of Assassins (1972)
Tree by Tolkien (1973)
Strange Powers (1973)
A book of booze (1974)
Hermann Hesse (1974)
The Craft of the Novel (1975)
Mysterious Powers (1975)
     aka They Had Strange Powers
The Unexplained (1975)
The Geller phenomenon (1977)
Enigmas and Mysteries (1977)
Colin Wilson's Men of Mystery (1977)
     aka Dark Dimensions
Mysteries (1978)
Mysteries of the mind (1978) (with Stuart Holroyd)
Science Fiction As Existentialism (1978)
The Book of Time (1980) (with John Grant)
The War Against Sleep (1980)
Anti-Sartre, with an Essay on Camus (1980)
Frankenstein's Castle (1980)
The Quest for Wilhelm Reich (1981)
A Directory of Possibilities (1981) (with John Grant)
Witches (1981)
Poltergeist! (1981)
The Goblin Universe (1982) (with Ted Holiday)
Access to Inner Worlds (1983)
Encyclopedia of Modern Murder (1983) (with Donald Seaman)
Jack the Ripper (1984)
The Psychic Detectives (1984)
A Criminal History of Mankind (1984)
Lord of the Underworld (1984)
The Bicameral Critic (1985)
Rudolf Steiner (1985)
After Life (1985)
Scandal! (1986) (with Damon Wilson)
The Laurel and Hardy Theory of Consciousness (1986)
An essay on the new existentialism (1986)
The Atlantis Blueprint (1987) (with Rand Flem-Ath)
The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries (1987) (with Damon Wilson)
Aleister Crowley (1987)
Musician As Outsider (1987)
The Mammoth Book of True Crime (1988)
The Misfits (1988)
Autobiographical reflections (1988)
The Sex Diary of a Metaphysician (1988)
Beyond the Occult (1988)
The Mammoth Encyclopedia of the Unsolved (1989)
Written in Blood (1989) (with Damon Wilson)
Existentially Speaking (1989)
The Haunted Man (1990)
The Serial Killers (1990) (with Donald Seaman)
Hesse, Reich, Borges (1991)
Written in Blood: Detectives and Detection (1991)
Written in Blood: The Trail and the Hunt (1991)
Written in Blood: The Criminal Mind and Method (1992)
Sex, America, and Other Insights (1992)
Unsolved Mysteries (1992) (with Damon Wilson)
Colin Wilson's True Crime File (1992)
From Atlantis to the Sphinx (1993)
Murder in the 1940s (1993)
A Plague of Murder (1995)
Weird News Stories (1996)
The Atlas of Holy Places and Sacred Sites (1996)
The Killers Among Us: Motives Behind Their Madness : Book I (1996)
The Killers Among Us: Sex, Madness and Mass Murder : Book II (1997)
Ghost Sightings (1997)
Strange Vanishings (1997)
Unexplained: Mysteries of the Universe (1997)
Unexplained: UFOs and Aliens (1997)
Alien Dawn (1998)
Unexplained: Ghosts and the Supernatural (1998)
The Corpse Garden (1998)
The Books in My Life (1998)
The Mammoth Book of the History of Murder (2000)
Rogue Messiahs (2000)
The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts (2001)
The Mammoth Book of Illustrated True Crime (2002)
Dreaming to Some Purpose (2004)
History of Murder (2004)
Manhunt (2005)
Crimes of Passion (2006) (with Damon Wilson)
The Encyclopedia of Crime (2006) (with Oliver Cyriax and Damon Wilson)
Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals (2006)
Serial Killer Investigations (2006)
Murder Casebook (2006)
The Angry Years (2007)
Super Consciousness (2009)
Evil (2009) (with Damon Wilson)
Strange (2009) (with Damon Wilson)
Existential Criticism (2009)
The Decline and Fall of Leftism (2012)
The Supernatural (2013)
Manhunters (2014)

Anthologies containing stories by Colin Wilson
Short stories
The Return of Lloigor (1969)

Books about Colin Wilson
The Work of Colin Wilson (1990) by Boden Clarke (Robert Reginald) and Colin Stanley
Colin Wilson (1990) by Howard F Dossor

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