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Thurman Warriner

UK flag (1904 - 1974)

aka John Kersey, Simon Troy

Thurman Warriner had a brief theatrical career in his early youth, then became a poulty farmer and cinema technician. During the war, he worked in an aircraft factory. He had some fifty short stories published after the war, so then gave up his old job to become a full-time writer. His novels mostly include Archdeacon Toft, his old friend Mr Amber and the private eye, Scotter. In these books, according to the original Penguin blurb, "He is interested not so much in police methods and procedure as in the way life contrives to make saints and murderers out of the same basic material". His favourite pastimes were walking and finding obscure pubs and churches.

Genres: Mystery
The Golden Lantern (1958)
Drunkard's End (1960) (as by Simon Troy)
Waiting For Oliver (1962) (as by Simon Troy)
Night of the Wolf (1968) (as by John Kersey)
Penthouse Emperor (1971) (as by John Kersey)
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