Dolores Hitchens

(Julia Clara Catharine Dolores Birk Olsen Hitchens)
USA flag (1907 - 1973)

aka Dolan Birkley, Noel Burke, D B Olsen

Julia Clara Catharine Dolores Birk Olsen Hitchens, better known as Dolores Hitchens, was an American mystery novelist who wrote prolifically from 1938 until her death. She also wrote under the pseudonyms D. B. Olsen, Dolan Birkley and Noel Burke.

Genres: Mystery
   Death Cuts a Silhouette (1939) (as by D B Olsen)
   The Shivering Bough (1942) (as by Noel Burke)
   The Blue Geranium (1944) (as by Dolan Birkley)
   Stairway to an Empty Room (1951)
   Nets to Catch the Wind (1952)
     aka Widow's Won't Wait
   Terror Lurks in Darkness (1953)
   Beat Back the Tide (1954)
     aka The Fatal Flirt
   F. O. B. Murder (1955) (with Bert Hitchens)
   One-way Ticket (1956) (with Bert Hitchens)
   End of the Line (1957) (with Bert Hitchens)
   Fool's Gold (1958)
   The Man Who Followed Women (1959)
   The Watcher (1959)
   Footsteps in the Night (1961)
   The Abductor (1962)
   The Grudge (1963) (with Bert Hitchens)
   The Bank with the Bamboo Door (1965)
   The Unloved (1965) (as by Dolan Birkley)
   The Man Who Cried All the Way Home (1966)
   Postscript to Nightmare (1967)
     aka Cabin of Fear
   A Collection of Strangers (1969)
   The Baxter Letters (1973)
   In a House Unknown (1973)
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