Dolores Hitchens

(Julia Clara Catharine Dolores Birk Olsen Hitchens)
USA flag (1907 - 1973)

aka Dolan Birkley, Noel Burke, D B Olsen

Julia Clara Catharine Dolores Birk Olsen Hitchens, better known as Dolores Hitchens, was an American mystery novelist who wrote prolifically from 1938 until her death. She also wrote under the pseudonyms D. B. Olsen, Dolan Birkley and Noel Burke.

Genres: Mystery
Lt. Stephen Mayhew Mystery (as by D B Olsen)
The Clue in the Clay (1938)
Prof. A. Pennyfeather Mystery (as by D B Olsen)
1. Bring the Bride a Shroud (1945)
     aka A Shroud for the Bride
2. Gallows for the Groom (1947)
3. Devious Design (1948)
4. Something About Midnight (1950)
5. Love Me in Death (1951)
6. Dead Babes in the Wood (1952)
     aka Enrollment Cancelled