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Joan Aiken

(Joan Delano Aiken)
UK flag (1924 - 2004)
Daughter of Conrad Aiken, stepdaughter of Martin Armstrong, sister of Jane Aiken Hodge

Joan Delano Aiken was a much loved English writer who received the MBE for services to Children's Literature. Her most famous classic, THE WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE,has been celebrating its 50th Anniversary with the publication of three brand new editions of the book and a new AUDIO recorded by her daughter Lizza.
Ribs of Death
1. The Ribs of Death (1967)
     aka The Crystal Crow
2. Foul Matter (1983)
1. Go Saddle the Sea (1977)
2. Bridle the Wind (1983)
3. The Teeth of the Gale (1988)
     aka In the Teeth of the Gale
Paget Family
1. The Smile of the Stranger (1978)
2. The Lightning Tree (1980)
     aka The Weeping Ash
3. The Young Lady from Paris (1982)
     aka Girl from Paris

All You've Ever Wanted (1953)
     aka All and More
More Than You Bargained for (1955)
A Necklace of Raindrops (1968)
Girl's Choice (1969)
A Small Pinch of Weather (1969)
The Windscreen Weepers (1969)
Smoke from Cromwell's Time (1970)
The Green Flash (1971)
The Kingdom Under the Sea (1971)
A Harp of Fishbones (1972)
All But a Few (1974)
Not What You Expected (1974)
A Bundle of Nerves (1976)
The Skin Spinners (poems) (1976)
The Faithless Lollybird (1977)
The Far Forests (1977)
Tale of a One-Way Street (1978)
A Touch of Chill (1979)
A Whisper in the Night (1981)
Up the Chimney Down (1984)
The Last Slice of the Rainbow (1985)
Past Eight O'Clock (1986)
A Goose on Your Grave (1987)
Give Yourself a Fright (1989)
A Foot in the Grave (1989)
Shadows and Moonshine (1990)
A Fit of Shivers (1990)
The Winter Sleepwalker (1991)
Silver Jackanory (1991) (with Helen Cresswell, Joan Eadington, Dick King-Smith, Robert Leeson and Tony Robinson)
Haunting Christmas Tales (1991) (with David Belbin, Jill Bennet, Garry Kilworth, Tessa Krailing, Anthony Masters, Susan Price, Ian Strachan and Robert Swindells)
A Creepy Company (1993)
A Handful of Gold (1995)
Dead Man's Lane (1996)
Simply the Best (1996) (with Jonathan Allen, Sheila Lavelle, Jan Mark, Michael Morpurgo, Robert Swindells, Colin Thompson and Jacqueline Wilson)
Moon Cake (1998)
Ghostly Beasts (2002)
Silent Night (2002) (with Terence Blacker, Helen Dunmore, Susan Gates, Lesley Howarth, Tony Mitton, K M Peyton, Celia Rees, James Swallow and Patrick Wood)
Snow Horse (2004)
The Monkey's Wedding (2011)
The People in the Castle (2016)
The Gift Giving (2016)
Picture Books
Series contributed to
Voices (1988)
     aka Return to Harken House
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Joan Aiken
Short stories
The Alarm Cock
As Gay as Cheese
Aunt Jezebel's House
Belle of the Ball
The Boy with a Wolf's Foot
Bridget's Hat
Clean Sheets
The Cold Flame
The Dark Streets of Kimball's Green
Dead Language Master
Do You Dig Grieg?
Five Green Moons
Furry Night
A Game of Black and White
The Gift Pig
The Goodbye Song
The Helper
The Jar of Cobblestones
Jugged Hare
The Lions
Lodging for the Night
The Lost Five Minutes
The Man Who Had Seen the Rope Trick
Mrs Considine
Our Feathered Friends
Postman's Knock
The Queen of the Moon
The Rented Swan
The River Boy
The Rose of Puddle Fratrum
Safe and Soundproof
The Sale of Midsummer
Searching for Summer
A Set for Every Sheep
The Sewanee Glide
The Story About Caruso
Sultan's Splash
Tale of a One-Way Street [short story]
The Tractor, the Duck and the Drum
A Train Full of War-Lords
Who Goes Down this Dark Road?
Marmalade Wine (1958)
Sonata for Harp and Bicycle (1958)
A Harp of Fishbones [short story] (1960)
Baba Yaga's Daughter (1971)
The Golden-Fleeced Ram and the Hundred Elephants (1971)
The Goose Girl (1971)
The Imprisoned Queen (1971)
The King Who Declared War on the Animals (1971)
The Kingdom Under the Sea [short story] (1971)
A Long Day Without Water (1971)
The Pear Tree (1971)
The Reed Girl (1971)
The Sun's Cousin (1971)
The Sun-God's Castle (1971)
The Venetian Princess (1971)
Hope (1972)
Humblepuppy (1972)
Mrs Nutti's Fireplace (1972)
The Prince of Darkness (1972)
Two Tales of Burnt Porridge (1972)
The Square on the Hypotenuse (1973)
Power-Cut (1976)
The Companion (1978)
Time to Laugh (1979)
The Ill-Natured Muse (1980)
Homer's Whistle (1983)
The Jealous Apprentice (1984)
Potter's Gray (1984)
Clem's Dream (1985)
Wing Quack Flap (1985)
Aunt Susan (1987)
The Blades (1987)
Cousin Alice (1987)
The End of Silence (1987)
The Lame King (1987)
The Last Specimen (1987)
Lob's Girl (1987)
The Old Poet (1987)
A Rhyme for Silver (1987)
Snow Horse [short story] (1987)
Your Mind is a Mirror (1987)
The Erl King's Daughter [short story] (1988)
Amberland (1989)
Beezlebub's Baby (1989)
Bindweed (1989)
Cold Harbour (1989)
Do Not Alight Here (1989)
Find Me (1989)
A Foot in the Grave [short story] (1989)
Give Yourself a Fright [short story] (1989)
An Ill Wind (1989)
The King of Nowhere (1989)
Light Work (1989)
Moveable Ears (1989)
Birthday Gifts (1990)
Earrings (1990)
An L-Shaped Grave (1990)
The Legacy (1990)
Little Nym (1990)
Number Four, Bowstring Lane (1990)
The Rose-Garden Dream (1990)
The Shrieking Door (1990)
Something (1990)
Watkyn, Comma (1990)
The Traitor (1991)
The Cockatrice Boys [short story] (1993)
Dead Man's Lane [short story] (1993)
Die from Day to Day (1993)
Fastness of Light (1993)
My Disability (1993)
They Have Found Out (1993)
Toomie (1993)
The Ferry (1995)
My Feeling about Ghosts (1997)
Quando Tu Vas (1997)

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