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Allan Ahlberg is one of Britain's best-loved children's writers. The author of over a hundred books, Allan has been delighting children of all ages for more than thirty years. Classic characters like Burglar Bill and The Jolly Postman have become firm favourites with a generation of children who are now reading them to their own offspring. Allan's work - particularly in partnership with his first wife, Janet - has been recognised by many of the top awards in children's books, including The Kate Greenaway Medal (twice), The Children's Book Award (twice) and The Signal Poetry Award.

Genres: Children's Fiction
   Woof! (1974)
   The Vanishment of Thomas Tull (1977)
   Son of a Gun (1979) (with Janet Ahlberg)
   The Ha Ha Bonk Book (1982)
   Fast Frog and Friends (1984)
   The Giant Baby (1994)
   The Night Train (1996)
   My Brother's Ghost (2000)
   The Improbable Cat (2002)
   The Cat Who Got Carried Away (2003)
   The Boy, the Wolf, the Sheep and the Lettuce (2004)
   The Boyhood of Burglar Bill (2007)
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   Please Mrs. Butler (poems) (1983)
   The Clothes Horse (1987) (with Janet Ahlberg)
   The Mighty Slide (poems) (1988)
   Ten in a Bed (1989)
   Heard It in the Playground (poems) (1989)
   The Better Brown Stories (1995)
   The Mysteries of Zigomar (poems) (1997)
   The Puffin Book of Five-minute Stories (1998) (with others)
   Friendly Matches (poems) (2001)
   Collected Poems (poems) (2008)
   Funnybones (2010)
   Everybody Was a Baby Once (poems) (2010)
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