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Conrad Aiken

(Conrad Potter Aiken)
USA flag (1889 - 1973)
Father of Joan Aiken and Jane Aiken Hodge

Conrad Potter Aiken was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist and poet, born in Savannah, Georgia, whose work includes poetry, short stories, novels, and an autobiography.
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Conrad Aiken
Short stories
excerpt from The Divine Pilgrim (1916)
Mr. Arcularis (1922)
Silent Snow, Secret Snow [short story] (1934)

Books about Conrad Aiken
Lorelei Two (1983) by Clarissa M Lorenz
Conrad Aiken, Our Father (1989) by Joan Aiken
Conrad Aiken (1990) by Ted R Spivery
The Fictive World of Conrad Aiken (1993) by Catharine F Seigel
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