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David Agranoff

David Agranoff lives and writes in San Diego California. He is an author of Horror, bizarro and Science Fiction mostly. His short story collection Screams from a Dying World was nominated for a wonderland award for best collection. His debut novel The Vegan Revolution With zombies is a hilarious satire that received rave reviews and was even featured in the Journal of Animal Studies. He has a novella called "Punkupine Moshers of the Apocalypse" was featured in the Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade edited by Cameron Pierce. His novels include Hunting The Moon Tribe, Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich, Punk Rock Ghost Story and Flesh Trade co-written with Edward R. Morris.

He grew up in Bloomington Indiana, while spending a few years in Syracuse NY, Portland Oregon he is back home in San Diego. Agranoff has been vegan for over twenty-five years and Straight Edge for even longer. His upcoming novels include the eco-horror novel Ring of Fire from Deadite Press and The Sci-fi action novel Godddamn Killing Machines from Clash Media.

Genres: Horror