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Josh Malerman is an American author and the lead singer for the rock band The High Strung.

Genres: Horror
Bird Box
   1. Bird Box (2014)
   2. Malorie (2019)
   Black Mad Wheel (2017)
   Unbury Carol (2018)
   Inspection (2019)
   Pearl (2021)
     aka On This, the Day of the Pig
   Daphne (2022)
Series contributed to
James Herbert Award for Horror Writing Best Book nominee (2015) : Bird Box
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (2017) : Black Mad Wheel

Josh Malerman recommends
Mongrels (2016)
Stephen Graham Jones
"Stephen Graham Jones is as powerful as the monsters herein."
Ararat (2017)
(Ben Walker, book 1)
Christopher Golden
"Let the other blurbers tell you how thrilling, how frightening, how robust this book is. They’re right to do it. But the thing that struck me deepest about Ararat is how timely this tale is for the world right now. The men and women in the book are treated as equals; in strength, in smarts, in power. Muslims are set to marry Jews. Scientists and Christians are working on the same edgy project. And yet, they all fear the same way. And they hope the same way, too. If ever we could use a story that reminds us that we’re together, a singular race, in religion and gender, that time is now. Bravo, Christopher Golden, for sewing such enormous themes into a nail-biting, exhilarating book."
Final Girls (2017)
Riley Sager
"There are uncommon books and films that crack the 'safe place,' that have us forgetting it’s only a story. Nobody knows exactly how this is done, but when it’s done, we know it."
What Should Be Wild (2018)
Julia Fine
"Julia Fine is an exciting, excellent writer. And her voice, in What Should Be Wild, says, unspoken, what we all want so badly to hear when we pick up a new book: Let me tell you a story... one you won’t want to end."
This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us (2018)
Edgar Cantero
"In A.Z. Kimrean, Cantero has written the funniest private investigator this side of Peter Sellers. How can you not love the warring siblings, opposites in a single body, as they outwit everyone they meet? You will. You will love them."
Bad Man (2018)
Dathan Auerbach
"With Penpal Auerbach freaked us out. With Bad Man he's got a bigger canvas, and, it seems, a sharper shovel, as he's dug deeper here and found a totally unsettling story about never giving up on a loss. Brilliant stuff."
The Boy At the Keyhole (2018)
Stephen Giles
"Equal parts pastoral and piqued, The Boy at the Keyhole is a story that rises above its own devices and transcends the sum of its parts. The characters sink through the cracks of your mind, straight to your soul. And the questions herein will burn you to bits. You’ll talk about this book with everyone you meet. It’s that exciting."
Violet (2019)
Scott Thomas
"A master class in immersion. Don't let anybody tell you this book is a slow burn - Violet travels at the speed of horror."
Ormeshadow (2019)
Priya Sharma
"A welcome complex road."
Dead to Her (2020)
Sarah Pinborough
"Within minutes of opening Dead to Her you will be unsettled, charmed, riled, empowered, and aroused. Pinborough at the height of her powers."
Eden (2020)
Tim Lebbon
"Instantly cinematic. A textured, thought-provoking thriller that will make you wonder what the world would be like if humans were to give it back. Eden is a story about family, humanity and the desire to re-experience the wonders we screwed up the first time around. Nobody is as smooth on the lettered keys as Tim Lebbon. Here, as with all his books, you are in the hands of a master."
The Only Child (2020)
Mi-Ae Seo
"Wholly absorbing, but without any pandering on the author's part, so that the language, the style, and the mood grow about you, as you slip deeper into the story and realize, quite suddenly, you are immersed. An eerie, electrifying read."
The Deep (2020)
Alma Katsu
"Here's an incredibly ambitious setting, prose as ornate as the boat, mood as ghostly as gothic, and what must have been enough research to build a ship of her own. Yet, The Deep is thrilling, rich, frightening, unsettling, and, best of all, told from the heart. I'm going to have to read it again, because I'm not sure how she did it....The Deep is divine. I hear bugles blaring; the announcement of the arrival of a brilliant author."
Devolution (2020)
Max Brooks
"There's a bowstring undercurrent running through the whole of Max Brooks's newest that's liable to snap a reader in half. Characters so real you could name them from your own life, even as you call for them to run for cover. Max Brooks has written the next great epistolary novel. Devolution is phenomenal."
The Narcissism of Small Differences (2020)
Michael Zadoorian
"The Narcissism of Small Differences asks big questions and delivers big answers but not without wit, taste, and style. A snapshot of a modern relationship, all messiness included. There's nobody better than Michael Zadoorian at unearthing the beauty in ruins, the truth in jest, youth in aging. In a literary landscape where most are hell-bent on outplotting their peers, he has sculpted a thriller from everyday life. For this, it's my most cherished book of the year."
The Bright Lands (2020)
John Fram
"Absolutely enthralling. Written with the rhythm of the game Fram writes of. A mystery to get the skin crawling even as you unbury the secrets of those trying to solve it. Despite its nature, there is a warmth to this thriller, and you’ll feel like you’ve come home…a home that still haunts you."
Wonderland (2020)
Zoje Stage
"Oh, fright fans rejoice. That sure hand you're looking for? That relentless climb, that crescendo of cold sweat? It's all here. Deep in the woods, under a lot of snow, steeped in mad, unfamiliar nature. Zoje Stage is in total control of your nightmare. For those who live to be scared, Wonderland is the book you'll be glad you cracked open at home, alone, at night."
The Raven (2020)
(Raven , book 1)
Jonathan Janz
"If you’re searching the horror horizon for a dark star, your next must-read, the silhouette you see coming your way is Jonathan Janz."
The Residence (2020)
Andrew Pyper
"The only thing more bewitching than a ghost in the White House is putting its story in the hands of Andrew Pyper. Herein lies the coupling of the uncanny with the all-too-real, and the glow from such a pairing lights the way to a chilling, profound reading."
We are Wolves (2020)
Gemma Amor, Laurel Hightower and Cynthia Pelayo
"The bravest book you'll read all year. Harrowing, yes, but necessarily so. As empowering as it is powerful. Not only does the book benefit a crucial cause, the stories are extraordinary, written by more than a dozen paramount voices in horror. Sometimes a book illuminates as it entertains; We Are Wolves is that rare find."
Just Get Home (2021)
Bridget Foley
"Thrilling, yes, but so much more than a thriller. Set to the tune of a life-altering (and vividly rendered) earthquake, Foley brings together two very different women who discover an ultimate commonality: knowing what matters. Written with aplomb, precision, and courage, Just Get Home is a breathtaking achievement."
The Anatomy of Desire (2021)
L R Dorn
"A truly innovative, fantastic book. Emphatically recommended. Reads like your favorite podcast, the hit crime doc you'll want to binge. A brilliant brewing of progressive internet influencers, with smaller town police doing their best to keep up. Structurally fresh, these talking heads will enchant you."
Chasing the Boogeyman (2021)
(Boogeyman, book 1)
Richard Chizmar
"Hammer in hand, Richard Chizmar’s come to shatter the idea that everything’s already been done. An absolutely chilling mash-up of styles, media, biography, and legend. Elastic, unsettling, brilliant. And here you thought you knew the names of every genre."
Don't Push the Button (2021)
John M Skipp
"Startingly honest, refreshingly revealing, funny, freaky, upsetting, unsettling. His best yet."
Just Thieves (2021)
Gregory Galloway
"Chock full of mystery, regret, intrigue, emotion: Galloway’s newest is a brilliant meditation on what matters. The kind of book that leaves you feeling like you already saw, and felt, deeply, the movie."
Nothing But Blackened Teeth (2021)
Cassandra Khaw
"Khaw's got a sterling premise, enduring lore, and the fresh talent to voice it."
Such a Pretty Smile (2022)
Kristi DeMeester
"Wonderfully well written; the dread, the enigma, build with each scene. It's coming of age, it's family secrets, it's life in the balance, too. It's Thomas Harris, it's Lois Duncan... but no, it's Kristi DeMeester, in complete confident control of your experience. An outstanding story in outstanding hands."
Black Mouth (2022)
Ronald Malfi
"A modern-day Algernon Blackwood...I'm gonna be talking about this book for years."
The Devil Takes You Home (2022)
Gabino Iglesias
"Here there be bloodshed, oh yes, sudden lyrical frenzies peppers over the main course of calamity. Every time you think the book got quiet, it screams again."
Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke And Other Misfortunes (2022)
Eric LaRocca
"A startling affair... I'll be cleaning up particles of darkness in my office for weeks."
Even the Worm Will Turn (2023)
(Worm and His Kings, book 2)
Hailey Piper
"The Worm and His Kings breaks all the rules."

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