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Josh Malerman

Josh Malerman is an American author and the lead singer for the rock band The High Strung.

Genres: Horror
Bird Box
   1. Bird Box (2014)
   2. Malorie (2019)
   Lost Signals (2016) (with Matthew M Bartlett, Tony Burgess, T E Grau, David James Keaton and Damien Angelica Walters)
James Herbert Award for Horror Writing Best Book nominee (2015) : Bird Box
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (2017) : Black Mad Wheel

Josh Malerman recommends
Final Girls (2017)
Riley Sager
"There are uncommon books and films that crack the 'safe place,' that have us forgetting it’s only a story. Nobody knows exactly how this is done, but when it’s done, we know it."
What Should Be Wild (2018)
Julia Fine
"Julia Fine is an exciting, excellent writer. And her voice, in What Should Be Wild, says, unspoken, what we all want so badly to hear when we pick up a new book: Let me tell you a story... one you won’t want to end."
This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us (2018)
Edgar Cantero
"In A.Z. Kimrean, Cantero has written the funniest private investigator this side of Peter Sellers. How can you not love the warring siblings, opposites in a single body, as they outwit everyone they meet? You will. You will love them."
Bad Man (2018)
Dathan Auerbach
"With Penpal Auerbach freaked us out. With Bad Man he's got a bigger canvas, and, it seems, a sharper shovel, as he's dug deeper here and found a totally unsettling story about never giving up on a loss. Brilliant stuff."
The Boy At the Keyhole (2018)
Stephen Giles
"Equal parts pastoral and piqued, The Boy at the Keyhole is a story that rises above its own devices and transcends the sum of its parts. The characters sink through the cracks of your mind, straight to your soul. And the questions herein will burn you to bits. You’ll talk about this book with everyone you meet. It’s that exciting."
Violet (2019)
Scott Thomas
"A master class in immersion. Don't let anybody tell you this book is a slow burn - Violet travels at the speed of horror."
Ormeshadow (2019)
Priya Sharma
"A welcome complex road."

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