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Gretchen Allen

Cozy Mystery Author, Gretchen Allen, is a lover of all things quaint, cozy and caffeinated. Her debut series, Sundae Afternoon Cozy Mysteries, features heaping helpings of creative ice creams and other frozen treats, set against a backdrop of mysterious murders and small-town scandals.

When she isn't writing, Gretchen loves to spend her time with her family, in beautiful, sunny Florida. This Cozy gal is a cat lady through and through, and has two of them - a sweetheart named Swiper and a feisty one named Steak. Her mischievous, and newly acquired Chihuahua puppy, Ladybug, has been snuggling its way into her heart as well. In her rare moments of free time, Gretchen can be found at Disney World, or relaxing by the pool, plotting murder at every turn.

Genres: Cozy Mystery